Joussard Grade 1s taste garden delights

Lesley Brule’ reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Lesley’ Brule
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Lesley Brule’ and I will be the reporter from Joussard School for the month of April.

We are not all too thrilled today as the snow returned, covering everything. Oh well!

Our students in kindergarten are smart little kids. They are doing measurement in Math and have discovered that our school is 294 tiles long. This was lots of counting for our littlest students, but they had a good time discovering this information.

In Grade 1 our students are learning so much from Jamie Chalifoux. They are learning about respecting the land. This involves never throwing garbage down on the ground. The students are also learning how to play hand games. I guess you’re never too young to start playing this exciting game.

Grade 1 students were just thrilled to come back from the spring break to see they had actually grown food! The kids were fascinated and thrilled to taste their lettuce and beans. Little food producers!

Students in Grade 2 created their own beautiful versions of the Northern Lights using pastels. There were wonderful creations!

Our Grade 3 students reported they love using their imaginations in the Maker Space – inventing new things with materials. We may have some wonderful inventions someday come from this class!

In Grade 4, our students are learning about growing plants and are expanding this study with First Nations teaching, thanks to Jamie Chalifoux. The students are enjoying learning about the historical perspective on growing food.

The Grade 5 students have been busy with some self-reflection as they write autobiographies. These should be very interesting. The students have also been learning about clouds and drawing them. The students love a game called “The Floor is Lava” in P.E.

Our Grade 6 students are very focused now on preparing for the Provincial Achievement Tests that start next month. They are writing descriptive stories using picture prompts. We have some great stories coming. The students also were busy tracing shadows outside using pastels. This was fun, although they had to chase some of their papers that blew away!

That’s it for this week. Please check in with me next week.

Grade 1 students, Brennon Okimaw, left, and Alliyah Loyie are very successful food growers!
Behind her big bear, Marissa Chalifoux smiles as she is recognized this month for being a true leader at Joussard School.

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