Joussard School – Family Fun Night a rousing success

Jayla Willier reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Jayla Willier
Joussard Reporter

Hello everyone! My name is Jayla Willier and I will be reporting the news from Joussard School for this month. I really wanted to be a reporter for our school and I’m glad I got the chance. I hope you will enjoy reading my news.

When I went down to the kindergarten class to talk to the students, they weren’t talking about Halloween or all of the candy they got, they were all full of information about ice and snow. They have been learning about ice and snow in class and today they certainly got to see examples of what they were learning about!

My visit to Grade 1 was very interesting. They were busy counting by 2s, 5s and 10s, using pumpkin seeds as counters. What a great idea! The students were also very proud of the Halloween books they had authored and illustrated.

The students in Grade 2 reported they are using dice shakers to learn all about numbers in Math. They like doing this, it makes Math fun.

The Grade 3 students loved the costume that their teacher wore yesterday as it reminded them of a great story. Hilary Payne was dressed all in brown paper as the Paper Bag Prince, one of beloved children’s author, Robert Munch’s, stories. Having their teacher as a book character was so much fun for the students.

In Grade 4, the students were so thankful for all of the parents who came to the assembly that the students planned, produced and implemented. It was all about leadership qualities and showed that the Grade 4s certainly know what the 7 Habits and the 7 Indigenous Teachings are and how they help everyone become leaders.

Students in Grade 5 are learning all about digital citizenship. This is such an important thing to learn about now because everyone is using computers and we need to know how to always be safe on them. The students are also learning how to be respectful users of digital tools.

In Grade 6, our students reported that they are doing long division with graphics. This sounds a bit complicated but they are doing fine. This class is responsible for planning our Remembrance Day ceremony for next week so this is keeping them busy.

We were so thankful for the Family Fun Night that our school council hosted for us. Everyone had a great time carving pumpkins and visiting together.

My last note: our Music Club for kinder- garten to Grade 3 is up and running. We have lots of students enjoying this club.

Thanks for reading my report. Please keep reading it all this month.


The Paper Bag Princess, aka Joussard School Grade 3 teacher, Hilary Payne.
Trinity Seppola is delighted to carve a pumpkin with her family atJoussard School’s Family Fun Night.

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