Joussard School – Excitement builds for K kids

Tatiana Willier-Cardinal . . . Joussard Reporter
Tatiana Willier-Cardinal
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Tatiana Willier-Cardinal bringing you the news today. The year is almost over and it seems that we have lots of fun things going on every day.

Our kindergarten kids are getting so excited about their upcoming graduation. The ceremony will be held [June 22] and we will see lots of proud moms, dads and grandparents. We will also see the boys and girls all dressed up in very special outfits – because – it is a very special day!

In Grade 1 our students have been busy doing all kinds of creative things with paper. They have found out that they can make alligator hats and origami shirts. The shirts were made into cards for Father’s Day. These kids are little, but they still know how to follow directions and come up with some wonderful paper things.

Students in Grade 2 have been thinking about money – lots of money! They are discussing, figuring and writing about having a million dollars. Lots of creative imaginations in this class for sure!

Our Grade 3 class will need to welcome a brand new teacher to Joussard School next year for Grade 4. While this could be a bit nerve-wrecking, they are approaching the situation with technology! They are making a video to introduce themselves to the new teacher so that she will know who they are even before she gets here! She is coming from Russia, so this will be a wonderful welcome back to Alberta for her.

In Grade 4, our students had a wonderful trip once again to Christie’s Greenhouse. As they did before, they joined up with a Grade 4 class from HPE. This was a great experience to learn about plants, eat plants and make new friends.

Most of our school reporters this year came from Grade 5. These students send South Peace News a huge thank you for the delicious pizza, lasagna and fruit juice they provided for their traditional year-end lunch with him. While the kids were pretty quiet during the lunch, editor Chris Clegg used the time to tell them lots about editing a newspaper. Perhaps we have some future reporters and editors in our school.

Grade 6 report a wonderful ‘graduation’ ceremony. The video of the students was both heart-warming and hilarious. We will certainly miss our Grade 6 students as they head off to Prairie River School for next year.

It’s not been all fun and games in the last few days though, as Grade 6s have been writing Provincial Achievement Tests. These are tough but everyone is doing their best.

Despite the incredible heat – and we are not complaining – we had a great year-end family barbecue. Paul and Susanne Boulanger were excellent chefs and produced delicious hotdogs and hamburgers.

That’s it for this week. Please check in with us next week for our final report.

Beautiful ladies Syara Brassard, left, Amy Syniak, centre, and Jayla Willier enjoy some cake after their Grade 6 farewell ceremony. Joussard School is certainly going to miss these young ladies!
Despite sweltering heat, Paul Boulanger, right, and his wife, Susanne Boulanger, volunteered to act as chefs during the year-end family barbecue.


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