Inspiration – What do you require of me?

Amy Norland,
For High Prairie St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church

God gave me to understand that it was something I carried with me everywhere I went.

It was the sum total of all the people who ever interacted with me. I was an instrument and what was required, I most often gave unconsciously. Each received what they needed and, at the end, it was still mine.

As I pondered this, a pine cone fell upon my knee. The pine cone was small and fragile, but its seeds were intact. I knew it was the answer but I had to search a long time before I understood.

What was required was not just what was in my head, nor in my heart, not what I had learned. It was on the outside but came from within. I carried it everywhere I went.

It was unique, yet the same as everyone else’s. Softly, gently, our Lord gave me to understand.

It was my example.


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