Inspiration – What Breaks God’s Heart?

Pastor Brian Gilroy,
High Prairie Church of the Nazarene
This past month we have experienced a great loss in our community.

The loss of two young men who passed away tragically and needlessly as a result of an accident.

This breaks God’s heart.

The pain, the “what-ifs”, these things will continue to haunt those who were involved in the accident and the family and friends of those who perished.

This breaks God’s heart.

The re-opening of the wounds of those in our community who have experienced similar tragedies either recently or some time ago.

This breaks God’s heart.

The fact that, for many in this community, the circumstances surrounding these deaths will not change the culture that played a part in these deaths.

This breaks God’s heart.

When did life lose its value? When did society begin to devalue this gift of God? The Bible says that we were made in the image of God. In Christian theology or “God talk”, we believe that this refers to the soul and spirit of a person.

Our ability to learn and understand or to make adjustments in life (make informed and hopefully better decisions) is part of this process.
According to the Bible, everyone of us has the innate ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. So, when did we begin to devalue life?

There was a time when each day we lived was special. A gift from God to be lived to the full. For some of our family and friends living with a debilitating or even terminal disease – each day truly is a gift from God.

When did we teach our children and grandchildren that to live was just to exist? Instead of valuing each day as a celebration of the grace and goodness of God, many in our society seem to be teaching them values based upon the whims of current culture. Life is more than a country western song; a reality tv show or a YouTube video.

A life lived like this breaks God’s heart.

A life that ignores God’s attempts to repair the broken relationship between God and humanity – breaks God’s heart.

A life lived that worships the “creation” and its “creations” instead of the Creator – breaks God’s heart.

A life whose sole purpose is a celebration, void of a Godly purpose, that needs to be filled with alcohol, drugs or other worldly pursuits breaks God’s heart.

God delights when each person embraces God’s gift of grace and forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ. The grace that comes as a result of the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary to pay for our sins.

God delights as you and I experience the hope, the peace and healing that comes from a restored relationship with God.

True value in life is restored as we embrace God fully. How will you live your life?

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