Inspiration – The power of words

Pastor Luc Portelance,
High Prairie Victory Life Church
Proverbs 15:4 says, “Kind words are good medicine, but deceitful words can really hurt.”

Words are containers that can bring death or life, blessing or cursing, peace or stress into any relationship. The words we speak are so important to encouraging others and giving them the courage they need to carry on in fulfilling their goals.

The apostle Paul exhorted us to “let no unwholesome word come out of our mouth but only that which will build the hearers of it”. He said to do otherwise would be to grieve the Holy Spirit.

Let’s use our words today to make great relationships that will build others: words that bring healing, encouragement, blessing and peace to those around us. Your words today may be the catalyst that mends a broken heart, restores peace to a wearied soul, hope, and God’s salvation when needed.

Be that difference maker by letting your speech bring healing like a life-giving tree.

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