Inspiration – The importance of family

Amy Norland,
For St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church
Coming from a huge family, as I do, one tends to take certain things for granted: unconditional love, support, appreciation, someone being there when you need a friend. Sisters are precious in that regard.

But wait! Personally, like everyone, I have belonged to many families through the years: the church, the school, the classroom in particular, the workplace, associations, service clubs. We are rich provided we keep interacting.

Father George, from St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, told a story to illustrate that what we see in others is what we are. That is profound when applied to our daily interactions.

To help us look at family I would use the example of the gladiola. Each stem has numerous buds, all dependent on the stalk for nourishment though seemingly independent. Each bud, though in the image given by the Creator, is unique and its fragrance compelling. We, too, as children of God, members of the Mystical Body, share those characteristics.

Our fragrance, the good deeds we do each day, unique to each of us; ours alone that place on the stalk.

Not long ago, I was heard to remark that it is too bad all are treated equally in the end days of our sojourn. Upon further reflection, I have come to understand that we should be treated equally. The reason: each of us has talents, some few, others in abundance. What is important is not how many but how we use them.

The person next to you is looking for your love, your support, your appreciation. Be there.

In closing, I would remind you of Pastor Brian Gilroy’s admonition at Christmas. He was speaking of Christ’s gift of Himself but the admonition applies to this as well: “Do not leave any gift unopened.”

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