Inspiration – Strive to seek His grace

Amy Norland,
For High Prairie St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church

A former minister of education, while addressing a group, said, “It doesn’t matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing.”

We tend to be a little more subtle when it comes to spiritual growth. But is it not also true?

Our clergy have undertaken, by their vows, the sacred mission of ministering to our spiritual needs.

The first responsibility remains ours. Just as we need to be lifelong learners in an effort to keep our skills viable in the workplace so, too, with our spiritual life.

We may be of the opinion that we learned all that we needed at our mother’s knee. That was a great foundation: our parents and educators gave us the precious gift of faith. It is our duty to build on those stepping stones.

The church seeks to amplify our growth opportunities with each homily, workshop and retreat. It’s not enough: not only do we need to hear what is said, we need to meditate, apply and use those insights. In short, it’s our responsibility to seek spiritual growth.

As the Good Shepherd, Our Lord, promises that He will look after us. With childlike trust we can seek His mercy. Further, when we do not find ourselves worthy, there is repentance.

What task did he assign? “Feed my Sheep!”

He repeated it three times. What might that signify? Could it be three distinct means of nourishment?

The earth belongs to all of us, yet there is environmental degradation and abject poverty. One of the root causes is lack of education and the subsequent inability to develop life skills. Our spiritual life can also be a wasteland of neglect. It’s our choice.

How can we not go humbly, seeking His grace as we strive to live a life worthy of His promise?

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