Inspiration – Soul, flesh and spirit

Joseph L’Heureux,
Lay Minister

We are marvelously and wonderfully made. When God created us in His own image, He also gave us a body, made of flesh, which is mostly water, a soul and spirit.

I will pour out my spirit on all flesh,” says the Lord, yes on all, you and I, and the whole world. [Joel 2:29, Acts 2:17]

Who then is conqueror of the whole world? The one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus Christ it is He who came through water and blood — not in water only but in water and blood. Thus, it is the spirit who testifies to this and the spirit is truth. Thus there are three that testify, the Spirit and the water and the blood – all these three are of one accord.” [John 5:5-8]

This is the testimony of God that He gave us that we might believe and be saved.

He came to pay the price for our souls, for our flesh is weak and has a tendency to fail, by not keeping His commandments, so He came to pay the price for us all.

He came to pay that perfect sacrifice on our behalf for the expiation [forgiveness] of our sins and By His stripes we are healed.

He claimed to be the Son of Man, which He was, a direct descendant of King David, yet he was Divine, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary, born like us, yet without sin.

He came claiming to be the Son of Man that he might raise us to be sons of God.

While He was with us, he healed every disease: leprosy, blindness, deafness, infirmities, paralysis and even raised the dead, to show us He had power over death, but also to reveal his divinity.

We, human kind, crucified Him by nailing Him to a cross, and then He rose from the dead, in His flesh, that He might be visible to His followers, that we might believe in Him [Jesus] and ourselves.

He also gave us His Holy Spirit that we might go out to preach and baptize in His name, perform some of the healing miracles that He had performed. Take note of this command in Mark’s Gospel.

Go out into the whole world and proclaim the Good News in all creation. The man who believes in it and accepts baptism, will be saved; the man who refuses to believe in it will be condemned. Signs like these will accompany those who have professed their faith: They will use My name [Jesus] to expel demons, they will speak entirely new tongues…and the sick upon whom they lay their hands will recover.” [Mark 16;15-18]

Therefore, “Is there anyone sick among you? They should ask for the elders [presbyters or priest] of the church and have them pray over him [her], anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

This prayer uttered in faith will reclaim the one who is ill and the Lord will restore him to health…For the fervent prayer of a righteous man avail it much.” [James 5:14-16]

He, Jesus, also left us a memorial of His flesh, the Eucharist, the real Manna from Heaven, sanctified by His precious blood, through the presence of His Holy Spirit, in order to nourish our soul daily and bring healing to our flesh when needed. Just as when He walked this earth in His flesh and blood. [John 6:35-58]

A lay minister and fellow A.A. member, due to a lack of priest, listened to my confession and prayed over me at a retreat. I was healed over night. My lungs needed healing, after 25 years of smoking and other vices, were reduced to two little shriveled lumps of tar, so weak I could not climb one floor of stairs without a break, weighing only 139 pounds, a shadow of my old and present self.

It happened in the same night. I dreamed and saw, and felt a circular light moving in my right lung and then when it moved to my left lung, I awoke and knew I was receiving Jesus’ mighty, merciful healing.

The same morning I was climbing stairs two and three steps at a time, even up three flights.

In the morning Mass, after the Eucharist, I was given a vision of Jesus in a “bank of clouds” with His arms open to receive me.

He revealed Himself in the breaking of the bread.” [Acts 1:9-11, Luke 24:30-34]

This is my testimony of the flesh and blood of the lamb, Jesus. [Revelations 12:11]

God bless!

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