Inspiration – Are you satisfied?

Pastor Brian Gilroy,
High Prairie Church of the Nazarene
Are you truly satisfied?

“Satisfied with what?” You may ask. Satisfied with life in general. Satisfied with the direction that your life has taken. Satisfied with your current relationship status or satisfied with the relationship that you are in. Satisfied with the level of effort that you have given to your employer or satisfied with the level of support that you have given your employees.

Any one of these questions challenge you to address the question, “Am I giving my best or just coasting through life?”

For the Christian, a greater question to answer is, “Am I satisfied in my relationship with God?”

It’s a risky question to ask for sure but one that must be asked. In fact, this question leads to a number of difficult questions that each individual must pose to himself or herself regardless of religious belief.

For the Christian, you must begin by asking yourself, “Am I in a relationship with God or not?”

If so, then, “How would I describe this relationship?” and “On a scale of one to ten – ten being the best possible relationship – How would I rate this relationship?”

How often do I talk to God in a deep conversation as opposed to presenting Him a combination of childhood rote prayers with a shopping list of wants? How often when I pray do I take time to listen for Him to speak? How often do I read His word or apply what I’ve read? How often does my heart flow over in praise to Him during non-church service times?

After all, every one of us experiences times when a particular non-Christian song fills our hearts and sometimes escapes our lips.

How often do you set aside your Sunday morning to join with other likeminded people to enjoy the love, hope, peace and refreshing time of being with others to worship the Lord?

Outside of Sunday morning, Sunday evening or Wednesday Prayer Meeting, do we truly spend quality time with God?

Is our life viewed by others as a man or woman or teen or child as a person head over heels in love with God or are we viewed as religious, nice and helpful only. Do we just do the minimum or can others see a love for God so consistent that they desire to learn how to love God in the same way?

My fear is that all too often we are guilty of building a case that suggests that God is unable to influence our daily life. He is alright on Sunday, for women, children and lonely people who need a friend.

I say that it is about time that we put an end to mediocrity! We need to become dissatisfied with just doing OK in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The New Testament Christians lived a life of joy and expectancy. They knew the joy of the Lord and how that should influence their daily life, but they also lived with the hope of an imminent return of Jesus Christ. Oh, for a simple faith, a strong voice and bold individuals who are not afraid to back up their words with examples of a life lived in love with God.

We are not perfect and those who have been fooled by others over the years will often be cautious to commit to God again. The truth is that regardless of how often a minister reminds you to life a life of love with God at full throttle we often choose not to. We often choose to live a life of mediocrity or just be satisfied.

The Bible contains a passage of Be-Attitudes. One such Be-Attitude is “that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be satisfied. When will we become a community who are not satisfied with the status quo? Instead, we need to get hungry spiritually and ask God to help us live each day with genuine zest or zeal.

If you are satisfied, then ask this question? Is this the best I can do? Great, but if the answer suggests that you are not satisfied, then you need to do something about that answer.

For those who are not of the Christian Faith let me leave you with the same challenge. Are you satisfied with your commitment level with whatever god you serve or is there more to life?

To the same degree that as you are willing to challenge yourself, I would challenge you to seek your answers through a genuine search in the Bible. Satisfied with how you are doing in life. Let’s reach a little higher.

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