Inspiration – A season of inspiration

Amy Norland,
For High Prairie St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church

September is a time of renewal, new beginnings, of harvesting, of seeing the promise of spring fulfilled.

In short, September is pregnant with anticipation. During this time, it is easy to identify and say with the Psalmist, “Let us rejoice in the Lord.” [92]

Ask any farmer about gratitude. They are eloquent and rapturous as they sing the praises of sound planning, hard work and faith in the future. It is the same with our spiritual life.

How we experience gratitude might be expressed as a first fruit of our spiritual life. We are not all the same but we tend to fall into categories. September is a great time to sit overlooking the backyard, our oasis where we can solve emotional snags and nurture our spirit. Time spent before the Blessed Sacrament as we look forward to the coming season is a time not only to give thanks but to remember the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all those we will interact with during the coming months.

Bring your family along as you tour the countryside and witness the shower of a bountiful harvest. Pick up fresh vegetables and fruits at roadside stands. Peas to eat right out of the shell, tomatoes ripened on the vine, or pick some of the bounty, where invited to do so. In short, September is a good time to pray and reacquaint yourself with quietude.

Nature hikes invite us to be even more closely entwined with our Creator, with the Divine. Hikes can help us to feel empathy and oneness with our surroundings: the sound of water lapping on the shore as you walk along, or the sense of awe you might feel at the magnitude of our mountains, the beauty of a moonlit night, the deep calm of the woods. In these areas, because there is need to be alert for wildlife, it is good to remember we are not alone on this planet, to be mindful of our footprint and live in harmony with all God’s creatures. Refreshed and renewed inspiration will flow.

Yes, fulfill your dreams. “Let the sea roar, the floods clap their hands, the hills sing” as in the Psalm. [98]

Seek your purpose. It is your source of dignity.

Father Peter often reminds us, “You are unique, you are where God has placed you.”

Simply stated by Ste. Therese of the Child Jesus, a Doctor of the Church, “If every flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”

Let gracefulness and gratitude lead the way to the sainthood prescribed for you. Find it in each pebble and grain of sand that illuminates your path.

With song and praise for September.

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