Letter – If it’s too good to be true. . .

They did it!

Ontario voters elected Rob Ford’s brother as premier. I remember Rob Ford. They caught him throwing a temper tantrum, swearing and cussing and flailing around on a cell phone or something. His bro was sitting in the background watching him.

I predict that Doug Ford will prove to be no better. He was elected making blowhard claims about how he is going to blow a hole in the deficit but he refused to say how.

His sister-in-law has accused him of with holding his brother’s estate.

I don’t like him. Why! Because he may prove to be worse than American President Donald Trump. He didn’t even bother to lie. Trump, at least, went through the song and dance of making things up. He still does. And Trump went home in a snit from the G-7.

I like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau more and more. He just needs to keep his shirt on.

I never was impressed with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for trying to look like a stud muffin, Trudeau the Younger needs to look more…formidable.

On the provincial level, United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenny is happy to see Ford elected. He thinks the man will be a good ally in the fight against the carbon tax.

I am no more in favour of the carbon tax than I ever was; but, I think we have bigger problems at the moment. Not that Kenny or Ford would see it that way, they are in favour of tax cuts to the rich, etc., etc. At this moment we need nuts and bolts politicians, not grandiose bellicosity.

Locally, back in April I got an application from the federal government for something called the Allowance for the Survivor. It is distinct from Survivor Benefits. They explained that my tax returns indicated I was eligible for it.

Being on AISH, I did not expect much because the pensions you receive from CPP are deducted from AISH. Well, they got back to me very quickly I was approved to the sum of $606 a month. I phoned AISH and – yes – they deducted it so I was still getting $1,588 a month.

Then I felt the bite on my behind. I called Heart River Housing to let them know about it, not expecting much to happen, my income had not increased. But the woman I was talking to quite happily [to my ear] informed me my rental subsidy would go down $140 a month.

This makes no sense. I would have been better off not getting the allowance for the survivor. Anyone else who gets that application had best keep that in mind and ask someone a few questions. The really bizarre twist is that for saving the Alberta Government $606 dollars a month, it is costing me $140.

If you think you might be entitled to it, get in touch with CPP. It is available for people between the ages of 60-64 [I think], and will disappear when you become eligible for the Old Age Supplement. It was nice of the federal government to try.

It is also time for us seniors to go to work on the government so that we get the same whatever it is that people on AISH get which is worth $600 a month. If you are on CPP it seems to be $450. Kind of doesn’t make sense when I personally have found that the older I get the more it costs to live.

The doctor routinely prescribes me simple things that are not covered by AADL. They add up in a hurry.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie


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