Hungry bruin’s dinner plans foiled.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Never store anything resembling food in your vehicle.
It’s a lesson George Bellerose has learned after leaving a bag of trash in his Dodge Caravan the night of Oct. 1.
Bellerose knew there were bears around his home but he never thought one of the pesky bruins would venture into the yard looking for a free snack.
However, a bear’s keen sense of smell detected a tasty morsel and there was no stopping him from investigating. His nose led him to Bellerose’s van.
The bear left dents in the driver’s side door and above the driver’s side wheel, a few scratches and a whole bunch of evidence in the form of muddy footprints, leaving no doubt as to who committed the dirty deed.
“He came right in the yard,” says Bellerose, “and even jumped on top of the van.”
The bear did try to gain entry on the driver’s side of the vehicle, before jumping on the hood, over the windshield, and exiting on the passenger’s side of the van.
Lucky for Bellerose the bear did not break inside, but unlucky for the hungry bruin, who ventured off to parts unknown looking for his next meal.
Bellerose has called Fish and Wildlife to deal with the unwelcome neighbour.


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