HPSD introduces new system for student progress reports

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A new student progress report has been developed for Grades 7-12 students in High Prairie School Division, states a news release dated Sept. 25.

“This report is designed with an intent to be parent-friendly and true to the expectations of provincial curricula,” says Tammy Henkel, who chairs the board.

“The report builds on, and is aligned to, the continuous reporting that our Grades 7 – 12 teachers share with students and parents and guardians through their electronic or digital grade books.”

Grade books will continue to be accessed through the school website’s confidential student and parent portal.

Beginning this school year, in addition to the grade book sharing, Grades 7-12 student progress reports will also be issued.

“Our schools strive to provide quality educational service to our students and to work collaboratively with our partners,” Henkel says.

Progress reports differ from the grade book in that the reports are more of a summative evaluation of student learning based on the teachers’ professional reflection over a period of time.

The student progress reports will be issued to parents to the e-mail address parents provide to the school and to Grades 7-12 students via the students’ HPSD email accounts.

Student progress reports will be issued twice each semester.

New progress reports for students in kindergarten to Grade 6 were revised and implemented last year in HPSD schools.

No changes have been made to these reports at this time.

Sharing of the teachers’ electronic/digital grade books is not required of HPSD’s K-6 teachers.

The only change for K-6 student progress reports is that beginning this school year, the reports will be issued to parents and guardians to the e-mail address on file in the school.

“The school division believes in promoting the use of digital progress reports but acknowledges that some parents and guardians are simply unable to access information this way,” Henkel says.

Therefore, parents are able to contact a local school office staff member at any time to request for paper copies of the student progress reports to be issued to the child or saved for the parent to pick up at the school office.


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