HPE teacher wins French teaching award

Cager Pilkey
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Cager Pilkey
Leah Thompson
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This is Leah and Cager with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Student Led Conferences are coming up at HPE on Nov. 28-29 from 4-6 p.m. Remember to visit your child’s classroom.

In L.A., Grade 4S students are doing Smart Learning poetry. In Art, students are creating fish scale art. They will scale the fish, too! In Math, 4S is doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations and word problems. In Science, they are constructing a device that uses wheels and axles using little bits.

Grade 5C students had a great time with Tammy Art last week. They created beautiful lion pastel pictures. The students followed step-by-step instructions and created a pride of lions, each looking different. Everyone knows that 5C teacher, Brenda Coulombe hates to get messy. Her students learned to use a finger to blend colours together. Grade 5C parents are welcome to come and check out their art during Student Led Conferences Nov. 28-29.

HPE’s wonderful French teacher, Magalie Frechette, earned an award last week. The Second Languages and Intercultural Council awarded the Pierre and Madeleine Monod French Language Award.

Frechette’s plaque reads, “In appreciation for dedicated service to French as a Second Language Education in Alberta and to the Second Languages and Intercultural Council.”

Criteria for winning this award is working in education and promotion of French as a Second Language in Alberta, whose teaching is exceptional.

Principal, Kim Corless describes Frechette the following way: “Magalie Frechette has been an FSL teacher at High Prairie Elementary for 20 years. She is exemplary at putting students and their desire to learn a priority.

“Throughout her teaching career, Frechette always strives to learn new teaching techniques and strategies to engage her students in learning the French language. Each year, many of her Grade 5 and Grade 6 students register for the DELF exam and all are successful above 80 per cent. They leave this school confident in their ability to learn a second language.

“Our junior high school French teacher often comments on how lucky she is to have Magalie working with these children in their younger years because they come to junior high with very strong French skills and a love for it.

“Our junior high has been able to build on this passion by developing a very successful student exchange program with France over the past three years.

“Frechette is a fantastic teacher and is greatly respected in our community for the wonderful work she does with our children. We feel so lucky and very proud that Frechette teaches in our school! Our students are very lucky!

Grade 6L is learning how to debate key issues with a focus on respect.

If you have any gently-used books at home that you are no longer using, the Grade 5 students would love to put them into their Kid Sense Book Sale. If you would like to donate them, just drop them off at the office and they will make sure that students who don’t have many books at home have a chance to buy them with their “Caught Being Good” coupons. The Kid Sense Book Sale will be held for one day only on Dec. 4.

Speaking of book sales, remember that HPE will be having their Book Fair from Nov. 26-30. There will be lots and lots of books to choose from. On the nights of the Student Led Conferences the fair will be open until 6 p.m. The sale ends Friday morning.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

High Prairie Elementary School French teacher, Magalie Frechette, won the Pierre and Madeleine Monod French Language Award last week.


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