HPE – students wrap 43 shoeboxes for needy

Joseph Gill
Diesel Willier

Joseph Gill
Diesel Willier
HPE Reporters

This is Diesel Willier and Joseph Gill here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 1S had a great time skating on their first visit to the arena. They also had fun with Centre for Math and Language Arts on Nov. 16. AIMBOT was here and students built “Ninja Bears” in groups for team building. It was so much fun!

The Grade 5 students, with the help from students and staff, were able to put together 43 Christmas shoeboxes to send to Third World countries. That will bring a smile to many children this Christmas. Well done, HPE!

Grade 4W had a great time with Jessie, the school’s wellness coach, as she taught them about the food groups. Afterwards, students got to make our own delicious cheesy pizza!

Thank you to teacher Lisa Zabolotniuk for organizing the AIMBOT presentation. Three amazing young men came and worked with each grade level to use their imaginations and create wonderful team names, use Lego to create creatures to go with those names, and then create a story about their creations. The students had to use their imagination and storytelling abilities as they presented their ideas and projects to their grade level peers.

In Grade 3P, students are working hard to become multiplication masters.

Grade 2M is beginning to write their own poetry. They will be making their own poetry collections to take home at the end of the year.

In Grade 4P, students are researching different symbols of Alberta.

In Grade 3J, students have started a building and testing unit by building doghouses.

Grade 3L is starting to learn about Tunisia and how it is different from Canada.

This week, the Grade 4s made their very own personal food guides. They learned about key nutrients their bodies need and even got to make a snack to enjoy using each food group from Canada’s Food Guide.

Grades 6M and 6PI had so much fun during their Lego building session with AIMBOT. Each group had to create a team name and then build a Lego story around their team name. Their Lego creations were amazing and the stories they told at presentation time were very entertaining!

The Grade 6 students and teachers would like to thank all the people who donated items to their silent auction and, of course, to the people who did the bidding. The book fair was again a success with the help of those volunteers who set up and took down the fair. Parent volunteers who helped run the show during the day were very much appreciated. It’s always great when students can get books to read!

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.


High Prairie Elementary School students pose with their shoeboxes. Left-right arte Allyson Potvin, Keira Manybears-Alook, and Dreaden Richards.
Students were busy last week building with Lego. Starting in the bottom left and proceeding clockwise are Ericson Park, teacher Becki Cardinal, Grayson Calliou, mentor student Malakae Sharkawi, Daniya Niazee, Leslie Lawrie, and Henlee Potskin.

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