HPE students Twinkle and Shine at Christmas

Grade 3 students play Christmas trees. Front left-right, are Hallie Anderson, Keyla Kerr, Hadley Gray, Victoria Forget, Keya Willier, Denaya Willier and Kolton Willier-Ferguson. Back left-right, are other characters Lucas Anderson, Brock Badger, Sheldon Grandjambe, Kaitlyn Senkoe, Rebekah Strebchuk and Gavin Dumont.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

High Prairie Elementary School students in grades 1 and 3 presented a musical play Twinkle and Shine for its Christmas concert Dec. 19.

Students delighted the audience of parents, family and friends in the 30-minute musical presentation.

Music teacher Andrea Pollock co-ordinated the production.

“I chose the musical, Twinkle and Shine, by John Jacobson for our grade 1 and grade 3 classes because of the catchy music and the fun, short speaking roles that allowed every student to be involved,” says Pollock.

“This year’s play had a little more music for music directors Kathy Cox (Grade 1) and Crystal Hopps (Grade 3) to work with our students.”

Students were in the Grade 1 classes of teacher Matt Steenson and Cox and Grade 3 teachers Penny Johansson, Charlene Porisky and Chris Langlois.

“It’s so exciting every year to see the pride and excitement in our students as they prepare and perform for their families,” Pollock says.

“Preparing a musical with two grade levels and four classes requires a lot of collaboration with staff and careful scheduling.”

Students started learning the play in November and coming together for mass rehearsals in December.

“Preparing a musical with two grade levels and four classes requires a lot of collaboration with staff and careful scheduling,” Pollock says.

“We are so lucky at HPE to have amazing teaching and support staff, as well as an extremely supportive principal, Mitch Hammond and vice-principal, Kim Corless who go above and beyond every year to create beautiful sets and costumes,” Pollock says.

Grade 1 students sing out. Front left-right, are Dutch Degner, Max Payne, Oliver Warren-Currier and Sophie Delorme. Back left-right, are Gwen Dumont, Marcus Matula and Samuel Neufeld.
Grade 1 students sing out. Front left-right, are Chloe Pilgrim, Madison Hunt, Maddason Jaschke, Jayden Paul and Luke Sorfleet. Back left-right, are Abel Carifelle, Lexi Flett and Caydence Chalifoux.
Grade 1 students sing. Front left-right, are Liam Patenaude, Grace Yellowknee, Marie Balbin, Sloan Chapman, Matthew Sutherland, Dax Peters and Kalli Boisson. Back left-right, are Benjamin Jackman, August Willcott, Traxtyn Rich-Carifelle, Damien Halcrow and Joseph Belesky.
Some of the Grade 3 students formed a Christmas tree. Ashley Jakata shines as the star on top. Below, left-right, are Hallie Anderson and Sandy Gairdner-Robinson.
Animals in Grade 3 play their part. Left-right, are Ethan Barton, Brady Park, Konnor Krystal, Lucas Anderson, Rebekah Strebchuk and Kaitlyn Senkoe.
Some of the Grade 3 animals play their part at the concert. Left-right, are Dhyey Vandra, Keanan Auger, Rebecca Stewart, Vanessa Stewart and Christmas tree Keyla Kerr.

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