HPE – Students receive trapping lessons

Matthew Willier-Ridge
Matthew Willier-Ridge
HPE Reporters

This is Wilsyn and Matthew here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

The students in Grade 1S are very excited to go swimming next week. They are also loving this spring weather.

HPE has been busy with author visits, a reptile presentation, and a mosaic project. We wanted to thank everyone for visiting our great school and to the teachers who organized the events and visitors.

Students are starting to learn all about fractions in Grade 3L. Students can read a fraction and show what it looks like.

The students in Grade 6M and Grade 6PI are so excited for their trip to Edmonton May 2-3. They have been busy creating a Bill proposal to present in a mock Legislature when they visit the Legislature during the trip.

The organizers of the Divisional Hand Games Tournament would like to thank all the teams for participating. It was very noisy with lots of drumming and laughter. A great time was had by all. The students displayed wonderful sportsmanship, teamwork and honesty.

The organizing group would like to send out special thanks to the principal of Joussard School, Heather Caudron, for allowing us to hold the tournament at her school and for feeding our Elder and drummer.

They would like to thank Freson Bros. for donating the snacks for the 100 students who were there, again thank Elder Herman Sutherland and drummer Russell Sutherland for joining us for the day.

If you ordered flowers from a kindergarten student please remember that pick up is this Thursday at the flagpole entrance from 2-6 pm. Thank you for supporting our kindergarten program.

HPE students are looking forward to meeting and listening to Cree oral storyteller Joyce Hunt this Friday.

The Grade 5 teachers and students would like to thank Ramsey Zallum for coming into the school and talking with us about trapping. The students had fun learning about snares, protocol and being thankful for and showing thanks to the animals in our area.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.

Editor’s note: Wilsyn’s last name not allowed to be published due to FOIP.

Grade 5 students at High Prairie Elementary School recently received trapping instruction from Ramsey Zallum. In front is Dreaden Richards. In back, left-right are Havyn Stout, Jaxen Gauchier, Zalum, and Navada Caouette.


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