HPE students celebrate the work of Dr. Seuss

“It moved!” Magician Rodzilla and HPE student Destiny Ehrler [screaming!] performed a magic trick during his visit last week. Rodzilla drew a picture of a student, when he turned to speak to the audience, the eyes on the picture started to move.

HPE Staff
For South Peace News

This is the High Prairie Elementary School news for this week’s South Peace News report.

On Feb. 28 some school leaders from Grades 4, 5 and 6 attended the Healthy Active School Symposium in Slave Lake. Taggen, Haley, Lexie, Sawyer, Peter, Liam, Zoey and Rebekah enjoyed snowshoeing, snow Science, traditional games, run club, outdoor cooking and winter survival. Students had fun and can’t wait until next year.

Grade 3Z is celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading classic Dr. Seuss books and creating a Lorax themed door for HPE’s Dr. Seuss themed door decorating contest. Students have been busy building and testing different materials and designs in Science to see which ones support the most weight.

Grade 4S is representing and ordering fractions and comparing fractions to decimals. In L.A., students are learning alliteration poetry, descriptive detail, writing and narrative story writing.

The students in KC and Grade 1B had a great time at the public library participating in Dr. Seuss activities.

Thank you to Kayla Killoran, the staff at the library and volunteers for organizing this fun event.

Grade 5C had a great time with their Science in Motion lesson. The students had a view of their Weather unit through a few great experiments. They checked out Radiometers and Differential Heating in their fun experiments.

Science in Motion is a part of the Telus World of Science. The ladies drove up from Edmonton with a truckload of Science equipment. These ladies held classes for every grade and class in the school.

We’d like to thank HPE’s Destination Conservation and principal Kim Corless for supporting the students Science learning!

Last Tuesday the Grades 4-6 basketball team played staff members, re-enforced by a few E.W. Pratt High School students, a game of basketball.

The HPE students showed off the skill they had learned and practiced under the guidance of vice principal, Spencer Smith and Grade 6 teacher Chris Langlois.

The HPE students were treated to a fun magic show presented by Rodzilla. This illusionist incorporated Science into every magic trick. The trick that had the students the most puzzled and screaming was when he drew the portrait of a student. When he turned to speak to the audience, the eyes on the portrait started to move! It created lots of screaming from the students!

Have a great week and check in with us out next week, to see what’s happening at HPE!

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