HPE says goodbye to several teachers

Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson
HPE Reporter

This is Leah here with the last High Prairie Elementary School South Peace News report of the school year.

Grade 1S has made this acrostic poem for teacher, Brenda Coulombe to thank her and her Guided Reading groups for doing a great job all year with the school news.

Really nice.
Spreading harmony.
Only positive.
Uses 7 Habits.
Loves teaching.
One and only.
Easy to cooperate with.

Grade 5C is counting down days to summertime, they can hardly wait! Students were sad and didn’t think it was fair their two field trips [Farm Safety and Wetlands] were cancelled, but as their teacher, Brenda Coulombe says, “Fair is where you take a pig to get a ribbon!” Students had fun dressing us as pirates but now they are ready for Grade 6!

Grade 4 would like to give a shout out to Christie’s Greenhouse for allowing them to come to the greenhouse and have two amazing field trips.

Grade 4W was also very lucky to have Monica Benoit come and give them a presentation on agriculture in our community. You should ask students what they learned about beef and gummy bears.

As part of their plant unit, Grade 4W students have learned about some very unique plants in our world and how they adapt to their environments.

Grade 4W wishes everyone a safe and fun-filled summer!

Everyone had a lovely time at the Kindergarten Parent Appreciation barbecue.

Also in kindergarten, students have enjoyed watching and learning all about their butterflies as they progressed through their life cycle. It was a lovely day when students released them back into nature.

Kindergarten students had a great time during their fire hall visit. It’s been a wonderful year of learning and fun.

As our school year comes to an end we all share our favourite memories with one another. Students will be working on their Grade 3-4 memory books and enjoying their last bit of time together.

Students have had a great year in 3J. They want to thank education assistants, Kathy Thompson and Shawn Oddy for all their hard work making sure they had an excellent year.

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of our school year. Students in Grade 2 CL have had so much fun learning together. They love to Synergize [together is better!]. Summer is a time they can Sharpen the Saw [play outside, spend time with friends and family and read!]. They won’t forget to read in the summer because they know how important it is. Smiles from Grade 2CL!

It has been an exciting end to the school year in Grade 6M! Students have gone to visit Peavine and did canoeing at the lake and met with students from Joussard at a junior high barbecue and orientation. They have gone swimming and had a great time at the track meet.

Grade 6M also had so much fun creating a beautiful yearbook documenting their fabulous and last year in elementary school. Off to junior high they go!

Grade 6PI has had so much fun learning and growing together this year. They also thank all those who came out to see our musical, Pirates. The students loved performing for you and are still singing the pirate-like songs.

This year, HPE is saying goodbye to a few teachers:

Kathy Cox is retiring and Andrea Pollock is moving to Edmonton to teach.

Our principal, Mitch Hammond, is leaving us to head down to southern Alberta.

Lastly, long-time teacher at HPE, Brenda Wenzel, is retiring. She has taught here for a long time. She was inspirational in so many things that have shaped the culture and spirit of HPE.

For example, Wenzel started our school on the writing the school news, our book fair, Destination Conservation, our wonderful letter press and laminator. She has helped many student teachers see what a great teacher looks like and how fantastic classroom management looks. She will be greatly missed by staff and students alike, but we do hope she enjoys sleeping in, reading adult books and holidaying whenever she wants!

Have a great summer and thanks for checking in on what’s happening at HPE throughout the year.

Leah Thompson, left, and Keira Manybears Alook play the Canadian Regions board game they created in Social Studies class.
Zoey Marczyk enjoys the inline skating lessons offered at HPE June 11-14.


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