HPE ready to pick new hand games team

Students enjoy Science in Motion’s visit to the school. Above, Kaylin Cardinal-Montgomery, left, Cager Pilkey, middle, and Lucas Billings enjoy a chemistry experiment.

This is Leah Thompson and Wilsyn here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Hand Games has just started. Teacher, Brenda Coulombe is very excited to see some new students interested in playing. HPE has just received their six new drums, so next up for the hand games students is they are going to learn how to drum. Coulombe is thankful that Grade 6 student Josiah Willier is back again this year to help teach the new students how to play. Now it’s time to pick the HPE team!

Grade KC had a great time celebrating 100 days of school. They made Lego creations with 100 pieces of Lego, and hats with 100 dots on them. Students have also been having lots of fun learning how to build code with our new code coding robot.

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 100th day of school. We counted to 100 in different ways, we shared our collections of 100. We completed 100 exercises, discussed how much we have learned in the first 100 days. We looked at pictures of ourselves aged 100 years and made lots of plans for the remaining days of school.

Grade 1 teacher, Matt Steenson is so excited to be teaching Melissa Isaac’s class archery next week.

Grade 1S is starting their building unit in Science that the students are really excited about.

The students in Grade 5C worked with artist, Tammy Napier, last Tuesday during a wonderful Art class. The students learned to use pastels and created beautiful pictures of lions. The lions will be on display in the Grade 5/6 hallway during Student Led Conferences at the end of March. Next up for a great art lesson is Grade 5S!

Grade 3s enjoyed two fabulous days of ski lessons at the Little Smoky Ski Hill. By the second day the students were on the main hill going up the T-bar on their own.

Grade 5 teachers Lasha Sebo and Brenda Coulombe organized Science In Motion to be at our school for two days. Each class had a hands-on science lesson. Some students even got to make ice cream. Grade 5 students were able to make clouds and Grade 6 studied the sky in the mobile planetarium. It was an action packed two days.

HPE thanks Destination Conservation and the Book Fair Committees for making these two days possible.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

Tammy Napier’s art class was popular with students last week. Rylan Arams, left, and Maddie Willier-Giroux enjoyed drawing. Note the detail on the lion.


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