HPE Grade 6s welcome student teacher

Joshua Strebchuk

Diesel Willier

Joshua Strebchuk
Diesel Willier
HPE Reporters

This is Diesel and Joshua with this week’s South Peace News report from HPE.

For International Read Aloud Day, Grade 3J voted book I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Beaumont Catrow as the class favourite. It made them laugh.

Grade 5C was reading the novel, Wonder. They are having lots of fun learning about Aggie and his family.

Grade 3L is starting to learn multiplication! Everyone is working super hard!

In Grade 6M, Joanne Murphy and her class are excited to welcome Melinda Brickwood! She is a student teacher doing her final practicum for university. She will be a part of our 6M team from Feb. 5 to April 13.

On Jan. 31 the kindergarten students and their families were invited to join Medieval Night at our school. There was jousting, making a family coat of arms, decorating crowns, taking pictures at a photo booth, building a castle in a minute, and some medieval snacks prepared by Boondocks. The families had a great time!

For the KC class, it was a great way to finish their dragon and castle unit and for KR, it was a great way to start their unit.

Teachers Becki Cardinal and Jeanne Romick would like to thank everyone for coming out to join the fun and a huge thank you to everyone who made this evening a success!

HPE students are having lots of fun in gym class and the after school bouldering club on our new rock wall. Skills like planning, strategies and communication are practiced, as well as the physical ability of climbing.

This month is archery month at HPE. The Grade 5-6 students will have a chance to learn about and try archery with the new compound bows HPE has. There were seven teachers who went last year for training during a weekend. They will be working with the students.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.

Look out, dragons! Lili Gordey, left, and Violet Ladouceur try jousting at High Prairie Elementary School Medieval Night Jan. 31.
High Prairie Elementary School kindergarten student A.J. Mouallem proudly shows his family coat of arms at Medieval Night Jan. 31.


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