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Kyla Klingsch

Laya Thunder
Kyla Klingsch
Laya Thunder
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This is Kyla Klingsch and Laya Thunder here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 3L is reading Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. The students made predictions for what dangers could be waiting for Harry and Hogwarts.

Grade 3J students have been busy making edible rocks to learn about the rock cycle.

Grade 5S presented their readers theatre of the Famous 5 to parents on May 2. A big thank you to all parents who were able to attend and support the students. A huge shout out to 5S for a great performance.

Grade 1S has been busy with their Building Things unit in Science. This week, students made planes and had lots of fun testing them outside with the nice spring weather.

In Grade KR, students want to thank the RCMP and the Lakeshore officers for coming in and answering all of their questions. Students loved getting to turn on the sirens when we got to see the inside of the vehicles.

The KC class is excited to be learning about the ocean. They have learned all about the plants and animals found in the ocean. They are very proud of their ocean underwater paintings.

Grade 3/4P students were so very happy to finally enjoy some warm sunshine during their reading block. They are loving this spring weather and plan on doing a lot more work outside.

The Grade 6 trip to Edmonton was a great success again this year! The trip started out at the Citadel for a play about Robin Hood called the Silver Arrow. The aerial performances in this musical play were spectacular and the set and characters were amazing.

Much fun was had by all zipping down the slides at the West Edmonton Mall Water Park.

The teachers and supervisors had a wicked game of laser tag against the students. Much plotting and stealthy manoeuvres took place trying to get the upper hand!

The day at the Legislature was jam-packed. Students ran a mock legislature, watched their government in session, learning so much about our province.

The Pehonan Theatre presentation about how Alberta came to be named used technology tantalized all the senses. Students had so much fun! Everyone worked together.

Thanks to all the superb supervisors for their help to make our trip run so smoothly. Another thank you to our well-behaved Grade 6 students who made their teachers, Joanne Murphy, Andrea Pollock, and Melissa Isaac, so proud!

In the front entry at HPE there is a Mural Mosaic of High Prairie Elementary’s community. All the students and staff at HPE each painted a tile. When combined, the tiles formed a mural of one united image. This mural celebrates each person’s individuality, and yet creates synergy that leaves behind a legacy for years to come.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.

The colourful and spectacular Mural Mosaic graces the front entry at High Prairie Elementary School. All the students and staff at HPE each painted a tile. When combined, the tiles formed a mural of one united image.


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