HPE Grade 5s are making dream catchers

Marie Matula

Marie Matula
HPE Reporter

This is Marie with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 6M students have been learning about how a legislative “bill” is turned into law. They are debating different proposed bills to decide on which one they want to work on to create their Mock Legislature when visit our Legislature in March.

Grade 3J is learning another new magic trick and are looking forward to practicing with their reading buddies.

Grade 1B is getting very independent during their journal writing and literacy station time. They were pleased to see some of their family members come out to their Literacy and Numeracy Night last Thursday.

Grade 6L is learning to use protractors to accurately measure angles.

Grade 4S is learning about Citizenship in Health. They will visit J.B. Wood Continuing Care. Students will give out the cards they made for residents and sing songs. In Science, the students are participating in the Science in Motion that visited our school.

Grade 4S will work as engineers to build roller coasters and fulfill tasks that will challenge them and their designs. In Social and L.A., students continue to discover and understand the significant impact and contributions that Metis, Indigenous and Francophone people made for Alberta.

Grade 5C went to another Land-Based Learning day in Sucker Creek Feb. 21. The students learned how to harvest fish, descale fish and learned all about Fish Scale Art. The students took time to add to their Land-Based Learning journal about what they learned. They also had a chance to taste the delicious fish! A big thanks goes to Nicole for once again organizing a great day!

In Grade 3Z, students are learning how to subtract using regrouping. They have finished reading the BFG [Big Friendly Giant] and are busy using venn diagrams to compare and contrast events in the book and movie.

Grade 3Z students are also beginning to read Charlotte’s Web as a read aloud. The students at the library have been exploring “Cubelets” and making robots with interactive construction blocks. They have had lots of giggles and heaps of fun!

Grade 4/5S students had their second Atikameg art lesson with HPSD Aboriginal Cultural Arts teacher, Joyce Hunt. Students created flowers out of fish scales as Hunt had everyone hanging from her every word, while she told them a wonderful story. Students were able to observe the scales of a fish under a magnifying glass as she explained how to tell the age of a fish by its scales.

Students gained knowledge into how their Atikameg art creations began as cleaning scales off of a fish to having a piece of art. Thanks, Joyce!

Grade 5C students are really looking forward to starting their own dream catchers! HPSD Aboriginal Cultural arts teacher Joyce Hunt will be in 5C three different times teaching the students about dream catchers and how to create them.

Students from Grades 3-6 had a one hour workshop to learn Gumboot dancing. It’s a traditional South African art where students learned to create rhythms using their shoes and voices.

Have a great week and check in with us out next week, to see what’s happening at HPE.

Dancing, left-right, are Jeremiah Auger-Willier, Myra Auger, Frank Fei, Jainden Barton, Teagan Barnes-Roberts, Allyson Potvin, Haley Billings, Jun Jun Sharkawi, French teacher [and organizer] Magalie Frechette, and teacher Joanne Murphy.
Students in Lasha Sebo’s Grade 4-5 class show of their fish scale art. Students include [in no order] Holter Lefthand, Gage McNabb, Tristen Grant, Felisha Noskiye, Janora Yellowknee, Alison Siegfries, Marley Giroux, Katelyn Cox, Zaida Quevillon, Noah Farnell, Hannah Vance, Alikae Schur-Auger, Keya Willier, Levi Bilyk, and instructor Joyce Hunt [back].

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