HPE – Gauchier wins gold to lead HPE team

The High Prairie Elementary School cross-country team enjoyed a very good season. They competed in a race at Wanham Sept. 28. In the front row, left-right, are Ethan Warren-Currier, Dag Sware, Owen Roberts, Hamzah Husham, Marie Matula, Hadil El-haesari, Daymond Tancowny, and Tyra Laboucan. In the back row, left-right, are head coach Charlene Porisky, Ethan Klingsch, Taryn Barnes-Roberts, Natalie Pratt, Keith Kramer, Heather Kay, Seth Flett, Jaxen Gauchier, Leah Thompson, and assistant coach Lasha Sebo.

Liam Bilyk
HPE Reporter

This is Liam Bilyk here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

We had a special guest at our September month-end assembly. Angie Halverson, HPE parent council president, was here to give a special award.

Halverson spoke to all the students about principal Mitch Hammond, and vice principal Kim Corless. She asked the students if they ever heard them whining and complaining about all the work they have to do. A loud “no” came back to her.

Then she asked if they ever came into the classrooms. A resounding “Yes” came back.

Halverson asked parents and staff to send her a note with their story about the HPE admin team. Stories of Hammond included: hiking through the bog with a child who could not walk on his back; dropping in on a class and playing the guitar and singing with the students; spending a Sunday getting certified as a archery coach; organizing a climbing wall for our school; and doing a weekly HPE radio show with students from all grade levels; were just a few of the stories.

Stories of Corless included: spending many of her lunches as a co-organizer of intramurals; and offering advice and ideas on wonderful, creative lessons.

Also, they both make the whole staff a fantastic, huge dinner once a year. This is a busy, well-oiled team!

Halverson compiled all the stories and put them into a book for Hammond and Corless. She led the rest of the people in the gym in a great round of applause to thanks our admin for being so great.

HPE’s cross-country runners, Grades 4-6, raced at Jaycee Park on Sept. 26. Joussard and St. Andrew’s students were also at the race. Fun was had by all.

HPE’s Jaxen Gauchier, Grade 5, received the overall gold title in the Grade 4-6 category! We are proud of all our runners.

A special thank you to Fran Caudron for organizing the race this year.

The HPE team also went to Wanham on Sept. 28. HPE’s Jaxen Gauchier received gold. He placed first out of 160 boys in his category.

Wow! We are so proud of all of our runners here at HPE. All finished the race with personal bests. Well done!

Grade 5C went to England for part of their day last Monday. Well, they had a Google hangout with a class from England during their open house.

This will be year 4 that Brenda Coulombe’s class has participated in a live open house from a different continent. The students played a geography game, asked and answered many questions. It was a great experience for Coulombe’s Grade 5 students to see that kids are kids, with many of the same interests even oceans apart.

HPE Grade 3-6 students had a great visit with author, Jaqueline Guest. The students all had a great time and found out lots about Canada’s history. They learned lots about the Metis people and Guest used a short skit with three student volunteers to tell her story.

Do you know what your brain looks like when you are learning? Students in Grade 3J know how to use their brains to their potential. Woohoo!

Grade 6M is learning about the election process in Social Studies. They are excited to take part in the student vote program and to shadow Joanne Murphy when she goes to vote in the municipal elections.

We had a blast Oct. 28 on our field trip to the Jackpines. The forestry school tours put on great sessions for us to learn about our boreal forest.

Hunger Awareness Week was Sept. 18-22. HPE, in partnership with HOSTS and the wellness coach, held a school-wide food drive for our local food bank. Our school brought in 730 items!

Matt Steenson’s Grade 1 class brought in 113 items and won the competition for the second year in a row. Way to go, HPE!

Students in Grade 6PI have been learning about democracy in Social Studies class. They are becoming familiar with the candidates for the upcoming municipal election and will be taking part in a student vote with other students across Alberta, who are also preparing for their municipal elections. They would also like to say good luck to all the candidates and remind all eligible citizens to demonstrate their right to vote on Oct. 16.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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