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Kyla Klingsch
Cager Pilkey

Kyla Klingsch
and Cager Pilkey
HPE Reporters

This is Cager Pilkey and Kyla Klingsch here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Remembrance Assembly

The Grade 5 students will once again be hosting a Remembrance Assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 10:45 a.m. The students have sent invitations to the veterans in our High Prairie area. All families of HPE students are welcome to attend this special event honouring our area veterans. Students will have poppies for sale at our flagpole entrance door just before the assembly.

Christmas Shoeboxes

The Grade 5 students will again be heading up the Christmas Shoebox campaign this year. Students will start collecting new items on Nov. 6. Each classroom will be given two shoeboxes to fill. If you need more please let us know.

Students are looking for new items such as: combs, brushes, small toys [no fighting toys], hair clips, pens, pencils, small notebooks, crayons, markers, socks, and T-shirts.

Please do not include: food, candy or toothpaste in the boxes.

Students will collect items for two weeks. On Nov. 17 students will collect the boxes. The boxes will then be sent to children in Third World countries who are in need. Thank you for your help with this project!

Poppy Sales

Grade 5 students will be coming around each morning to the classrooms selling poppies for Remembrance Day. They will start Nov. 1 with the hope that every child in the school will be wearing a poppy to the special assembly.

The recommended price is about 25 cents or more for a poppy.

Thanks you for helping us support our area veterans!

Wear Red Day

Nov. 7, we would like everyone to wear red or white please. Let’s show our Canadian pride!

Odds and Ends

Our wellness coach, Jessie Johnson, has been meeting weekly with all Grade 4 students for Be Kind to Yourself and Others. They have been discussing body image, self-esteem, friendship, and resiliency.

The Grade 6 girls group started this month. They created a group agreement and discussed gratitude and friendship.

It’s official! The students have voted and two budgies in the French class are named Mango and Bella. Stop by for a visit, they would love it!

Vice-principal Kim Corless says intramurals started last week. Grades 3-6 students compete in a fun game of mat wars.

Grade 3J news – All totaled, the class has read over 500 books this this year. Impressive! Do you have books you would recommend?

Grade KR news – In kindergarten, students are having so much fun starting and making Halloween patterns. They are improving their cutting skills by cutting out and creating all kinds of Halloween art and crafts.

Grade 4W news – If you walk by their classroom make sure to check out their bread experiment. We are surprised to see how mold grows…or doesn’t! They have been learning how to use a scale on a map of Alberta. 4W is also very excited to have started working with KC, who will be their kindergarten buddies. They learned so much about each other as they interviewed them and completed a venn diagram.

Grade 1S news – Students have been having a great month of October as they are working hard in Language and Math. They made very nice scarecrows for fall art and did a fun science experiment by mixing colours. They had lots of fun on Halloween!

Grade 6M news – Students worked on patterns and algebra in Math. In Art, they used water colour washing technique and leaves to create beautiful botanical prints.

Grade 6 PI news – Students have been using Base 10 blocks to describe numbers and solve problems, They were quick to get, “Show 1123 using exactly 16 blocks.” [ones, 10s, 100s) There are only two answers. In Science, they are learning about uses of trees and forests.

Grade KC news – The KC class is very excited to be participating in the Global Read Aloud Kindergarten Callage from around the world. So far, students have read three Odd Men Foxes books. The students loved them.

Grade 3/4P news – While reading “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown, teacher Charlene Porisky’s 3-4 students got the opportunity to have a robot of their own! Meet Gizmo, our little robot! Gizmo high-fives and fist pumps the students while they read. We are excited to learn more about him and learn coding for him. Welcome to 3/4P, Gizmo!

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!


Teachers and staff at HPE dressed for Halloween. Left-right are Brenda Wenzel, Charlene Porisky, Penny Johansson, Laura St. Cyr, Lori Denty, and Chris Langlois.
Charlene Porisky’s Grade 3/4 students all love Gizmo, their little robot. In the front row, left-right are Konnor Krystal, Ethan Barton, Muhammad El-Sharkawi, Ryder Peters, Lucas Anderson, Kaitlyn Senkoe and Gage McNabb. In the back row, left-right, are Faith Bruneau, Brady Park, Rebekah Strebchuk, Isabelle Roy, Angelene Richards, Zoey Peacock, Zaida Quevillon, Kali Siegfries, Roddy Twin and Gavin Dumont.

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