HPE – Auger, Gill win badminton titles

Ilona Drefs

Leah Thompson
Ilona Drefs
Leah Thompson
HPE Reporters

This is Leah and Ilona here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Shealynn Auger and Joseph Gill are the winners of the 6PI round robin badminton tournament.

Grade 6PI presented their “flight” projects. It was very exciting!

The HPE Spell-A-Thon raised over $8,000! The money is going towards providing students with the amazing opportunity to learn how to inline skate at HPE June 11-15.

Our kindergarten classes would like to thank Stephen and Darla Williscroft for the fabulous tour of their farm. The students are still excitedly talking about Wilbur the pig, the chickens, turkeys, miniature horses, cows, sheep, dogs, bunnies, and teeny tiny kittens.

Grade 3J would like to thank Corinne Goulet for teaching them about the grandfather teachings.

Grade 1S has been having fun and staying busy with work this week. Their highlights have been reading buddies, storyline online, Bookaboo, science journals and going swimming.

Just a reminder that next week HPE will be hosting Spring Night for the Grade 4-5 students and the Musical for the Grade 6 students.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.

Meet Rosie the Riveter, starring Asia Badger. HPE Grade 5 students in Brenda Coulombe’s class had a great time two weeks ago showing their Canadian Heritage Moment Vignettes.
Keeper of Knowledge Joyce Hunt visited HPE two weeks ago to share oral Cree stories. Hunt spoke about how everything is interconnected, and how the First Nations people learned by watching the animals and plants.


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