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Aires – March 21 – April 20:

A sense of magic is in the air this week. Some may conspire to keep you in the dark about a situation. Don’t worry! It will have a pleasant culmination.

Taurus – April 21 – May 21:

Once someone earns your love, that bond is not easily broken. You will find new ways to show your affection this week for a person close to you.

Gemini – May 22 – June 21:

Sometimes your mind is too quick to speak before you fully think through your thoughts. This can get you into trouble in some instances. Find ways to address any faux pas.

Cancer – June 22 – July 22:

Past relationships do not have to get in the way of current ones. Things aren’t always as complicated as you make them seem. Just go through with your daily business.

Leo – July 23 – Aug. 23:

Things will seem like a piece of cake this week, so much so you may wonder if there’s a catch. There is no catch. Enjoy your good fortune.

Virgo – Aug. 24 – Sept. 22:

You may enjoy an unexpected respite in the next few days. Initially you may not know what to do with your time off. But soon enough you will figure it out.

Libra – Sept. 23 – Oct. 23:

Even if you might be afraid of confrontation, you should not use that as an excuse that prevents you from righting wrongs. You will find your voice.

Scorpio – Oct. 24 – Nov. 22:

Your focus and commitment to the task at hand are unrivaled. Others may not understand your passion, but all will be happy with the results.

Sagittarius – Nov. 23 – Dec. 21:

Be there for someone who comes up to you and asks for help this week. Every little bit helps, and your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Capricorn – Dec. 22 – Jan. 20:

Think about you have to offer this week. Run your plan by someone you trust. You may not be ready for the spotlight.

Aquarius – Jan. 21 – Feb. 18:

A string of misunderstandings will soon get worked out. All will be right in the universe once more, and you can get on with all plans you have in mind.

Pisces – Feb. 19 – March 20:

Take a few extra moments each morning or evening to slow down and think about all the good luck that has recently come your way.


Feb. 20 Gale Gordon Our Miss Brooks actor 1906
Feb. 20 Amanda Blake Gunsmoke actress – Kitty 1929
Feb. 20 Buffy Sainte-Marie Folksinger 1941
Feb. 20 Patty Hearst Famous kidnap hostage 1954
Feb. 20 Cindy Crawford American supermodel 1966
Feb. 20 Kurt Cobain Nirvana singer 1967
Feb. 20 Rihanna Barbadian singer 1988
Feb. 21 Robert Mugabe Zimbabwean president 1924
Feb. 21 Erma Bombeck Humourist 1927
Feb. 21 Rue McClanahan Golden Girls actress 1934
Feb. 21 Kelsey Grammer Cheers, Frasier actor 1955
Feb. 22 George Washington 1st President of the USA 1732
Feb. 22 Adolf Kuszmaul Stomach pump inventor 1822
Feb. 22 R.Baden-Powell Founder of Scouts 1857
Feb. 22 Robert Young Marcus Welby, M.D. actor 1907
Feb. 22 Robert Wadlow Tallest human [8’11.1”] 1918
Feb. 22 Alfred J. Gross Invented walkie-talkie 1918
Feb. 22 Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter 1962
Feb. 22 Pebbles Flintstone Fictional character 1963
Feb. 23 César Ritz Swiss hotelier 1850
Feb. 23 Paul Tibbets “Enola Gay” pilot 1915
Feb. 23 Marc Garneau Canadian astronaut 1949
Feb. 24 Wilhelm Grimm Fairy Tales author 1786
Feb. 24 Abe Vigoda Barney Miller actor 1921
Feb. 24 Steven Hill Law & Order actor 1922
Feb. 24 Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple 1955
Feb. 25 Renoir French painter/sculptor 1841
Feb. 25 Zeppo Marx American comedian 1901
Feb. 25 King Clancy NHL Hall of Famer 1903
Feb. 25 Jim Backus Gilligan’s Island actor 1913
Feb. 25 George Harrison English pop star [Beatle] 1943
Feb. 26 Victor Hugo Les Miserables author 1802
Feb. 26 Levi Strauss Clothing designer 1829
Feb. 26 “Buffalo Bill” Cody Wild West showman 1846
Feb. 26 Jackie Gleason Honeymooners actor 1916
Feb. 26 “Fats” Domino Blueberry Hill singer 1928
Feb. 26 Johnny Cash American country singer 1932