Hoping a horseshoe brings luck

June 28, I completed the application to nominate High Prairie resident Ray Prevost for a 2018 Alberta Recreation Volunteer Recognition Award.

I decided to nominate Prevost for the incredible work he has done to promote the sport of horseshoes. It’s a sport that many play for recreation, but Prevost has organized a local club to provide an inexpensive sport for people of all ages to enjoy.

Besides, what Prevost has accomplished in bringing major tournaments into High Prairie in such a short time is truly remarkable. The first-ever High Prairie Open Horseshoes Tournament occurred Sept. 2-3, 2017. The second High Prairie Open will be held in 2018, and High Prairie was recently awarded the 2020 Canadian Horseshoe Championships. Prevost has also applied to host the 2020 Western Classic Tournament.

Hundreds of players, fans, judges, tournament organizers, etc. attend these events. Like all tournaments, they bring money to spend and benefit the local economy.

“The economic impact for High Prairie of holding such large events needs no explanation. Prevost has almost single-handedly led the charge and, I believe, would be an excellent choice to be chosen for the 2018 Recreation Volunteer Recognition Award,” I write in my nomination.

The Town of High Prairie supports the nomination.

“Mr. Prevost’s contribution to promoting horseshoes has placed High Prairie and area in a higher category as the Horseshoe Club brings a new, unique sport to our region,” writes CAO Brian Martinson.

Besides sport, the economic impact of such events needs no explanation. They are terrific boosters to the local economy.

The last local winner of the award was Grouard’s Ralph Courtorielle, in 2001. His involvement in fastball, minor baseball, minor hockey, and bringing the Easter Classic Recreation Hockey Tournament to High Prairie were some of his accomplishments.

In fact, there are many other citizens from the area worthy of a nomination. I already have my mind set on another nomination next year.

I receive a steady stream of news releases from the Alberta government inviting everyone to nominate people for awards and/or special recognition. The truth is the Alberta government does a very good job in stepping forward to recognize citizens who contribute to the province. I would urge people to browse through Government of Alberta Websites to find such awards and nominate people.

Meanwhile, I am obviously hoping the judges choose Prevost for the award.

However, even if Prevost does not win, I want him to know – like many others in the community – that his work is very much appreciated, and does not go unnoticed.

Good luck in your future endeavours, Ray, and thank you!


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