High Prairie Closing Mixed Bonspiel

Tyson Billings won the A Event with a 5-4 win over Rod Marx in an extra end. The game was tied 1-1 after two ends, 3-3 after four ends, and 4-4 after eight ends. Billings scored one in the extra end to win. Rink members, left-right, are skip Tyson Billings, third Laura Poloz, second Jesse Smith and lead Gayla Arams. Billings skipped for the injured Bernie Poloz.

Tyson Billings skipped his rink to a 5-4 win in the A Event Final at the High Prairie Mixed Bonspiel March 17-18. Billings skipped in place of Bernie Poloz, who was injured early in the first game. He won the game in an extra end over Rod Marx. This year, eight rinks entered the bonspiel. Kalan Savill won the B Event and Al Butterfield the C Event.

Kalan Savill won the B Event with an 8-3 win over Karen Gray. Savill trailed 2-0 after Gray stole one in the second end. However, Savill rallied to score three points in the third, then stole three more in the fourth. After Gray scored one in the fifth, Savill scored two more in the sixth to end the game. Rink members, left-right, are skip Kalan Savill, third Kay Savill, second Wayne Savill and lead Katie Thompson.
Al Butterfield’s rink won the C Event with a 10-4 win over Shay-Lee Savill. Butterfield used big ends to win by scoring four in the first, three in the seventh and two in the fourth. Savill did score three in the sixth to close the gap to 7-4 but Butterfield’s three in the seventh ended the game. Rink members, left-right, are skip Al Butterfield, third Carol Basarab, second Kyle Rosychuk and lead Maureen Butterfield.

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