Inspiration – Hang on to Hope: God is good

Assistant Pastor Kindrie Gordey,
High Prairie Victory Life Church

Four weeks ago I stood beside a close friend looking into a hole, now filled with the casket of our friend; her beloved. Twenty years of living on purpose, with plans for a future easily filling the next 300 years, abruptly ended.

Many in our community have experienced tragedy and know the searing pain of loss. All of us, on various levels, have faced disappointments in life.

Pain can be paralyzing. Yet around us the flow of life continues. We are ushered back in the current often before we feel ready. Numbly, we navigate the waves wondering: Where will the lustre of life come from now?

Pain can also be positive. It can act as a preventive measure. It can be an instructional tool. It can open up opportunities.

In the midst of our pain, we have a vague awareness of this perspective and an annoyance at our well-meaning friends using it to offer their comfort. As we look for answers and are steadily propelled into the future, we are desperate for an understanding that will resonate with our hearts and act as a lifeline when we are drowning in despair.

While facing the challenges of life, I’ve discovered a reliable anchor for the soul: Jesus Christ. Realizing the living reality of my hope has been a process. As I have embraced the varying heartaches instead of avoiding, fighting, and ignoring the pain, I have been embraced by God, who is love and all goodness.

It is more than learned facts and applied strategy; it is a tangible encounter. Through my relationship with Jesus, I know healing for hurts of the heart, I return to a state of peace and joy despite the turmoil I face, I live with an unshakeable hope and expectancy for my future.

God is good and God gives good gifts.

If it is not good, it is not God.

Jesus Christ is God’s gift to the world. The life we receive from Him is all we need to move from enduring the motions of living to enjoying a robust, meaningful life.

I am not numbly navigating but purposefully paddling, because I have discovered who really puts the sparkle in life. His name is Jesus, my living hope.


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