Canada Day, Halloween a big problem for woman

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Celebrating during two different holidays has proven to be costly in more ways than one for a local woman.

Bernadette Chalifoux was fined $3,510 after pleading guilty to two charges in High Prairie provincial court Feb. 26.

Chalifoux was first fined $1,200, plus a $360 victim fine surcharge for driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 80 mg.

Court heard that Chalifoux blew a breath sample of 190 mg when stopped by police on July 1, Crown prosecutor Petter Hurich told court.

The second charge arose on Halloween night when Chalifoux was stopped by police and blew breath samples of 130 mg. She was fined $1,500, plus a $450 victim fine surcharge on the charge.

“Readings over 160 [twice the legal limit] are statutorily aggravating,” Judge D.R. Shynkar said during sentencing.

Chalifoux’s lawyer, Alan Crawford, agreed the 190 was aggravating, but added the incidents are not typical for Chalifoux.

“She’s not an overall alcoholic,” Crawford said.

“She drinks in situations.”

Chalifoux was automatically suspended from driving for one year in addition to the fines.


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