Grade 4s closely watching worms

Olivia Bellerose, left, and Jewel Burlock report the news this week from Joussard School.
Jewel Burlock
Olivia Bellerose
Joussard Reporters

Hello folks! This is Jewel Burlock and Olivia Bellerose, bringing you the news from Joussard School once again. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving – we know that in Canada we have so much to be thankful for.

In kindergarten, our students are demonstrating they are definitely learning what school is all about. They are following routines, learning to listen quietly to their teacher, and learning to play and share nicely with each other. We are so proud of them! Their recent learning is all about patterns. They are exploring and building patterns with lots of shapes and colours.

Our Grade 1 students have been busy expressing their creativity with painting. They learned how to mix colours to produce the colour orange, which was very important in their pumpkin art. Lots of fabulous pictures were produced when the students drew pictures of their Thanksgiving dinners!

Students in Grade 2 are learning all about butterflies and how they change as they go through their life cycles. They also learned about the colour spectrum and ultraviolet light during their Maker Space lesson.

The students in Grade 3 are obviously enjoying playing Capture the Flag in P.E. They also informed us they loved learning how to tie dye in Cree class. The kids learned that by using plants and berries, the Indigenous people used the tie dye process to put colour into clothing.

The biggest news that Grade 3 has though, is they now have a teacher of their own! The students warmly welcomed Navneet

Joussard School Grade 3 student, Lilah Betker, left, welcomes Navneet Bajwa as her teacher.
Bajwa into their classroom. Our whole school joins Grade 3 in welcoming Bajwa.

In Grade 4, our students told us about watching and learning about worms in compost. They are fascinated with watching the worms move about in the compost material. As a part of their study of waste, they are collecting all of the garbage that their class produces in a day. This should be interesting.

Our Grade 5 students weren’t available to interview because they were away at a Rural Farm Safety workshop at the Agriplex in High Prairie. Our school is thankful that our students were included in this project by the High Prairie Agricultural Society.

In our class, Grade 6, we had a very cool presentation by the Lesser Slave Watershed Council. Another cool thing that we are doing is making terrariums. This is lots of fun!

Thanks for reading our report. We will bring you another next week.

Students and staff at Joussard School donned orange shirts on Sept. 28 to support Orange Shirt Day on Sept. 30. The annual Orange Shirt Day began in British Columbia in 2013 when a residential school survivor, Phyllis Webstad, shared her story of having her shiny orange shirt taken away on her first day at a residential school. Since then, Orange Shirt Day has become an opportunity for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit governments, schools and communities to come together in a spirit of reconciliation. Several other schools, organizations and communities in the region honoured the day. At Joussard School, every child does indeed matter.


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