Joussard School – Grade 4s ready to enjoy home-grown veggies

Addyson Brassard reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Addyson Brassard
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Addyson Brassard bringing you my last news report. In February, my cousin, Syara Brassard will bring you the news from our school.

Our kindergarten students had lots to tell me when I interviewed them this week. They told me they are playing basketball in the gym, they have learned about animals, they play with Lego, they read books, they now know how to make videos on iPads, they are making art out of shapes and they have a new kitchen in centres. Busy people!

In Grade 1, the students were amazed as the piano keyboards they drew came to life through Makey Makey. After learning about geese and migration, the students are now using art materials to construct some geese. The Grade 1 students also reported they are enjoying going skating.

Grade 2 students reported they are learning how to code for Sphero robots. It was very impressive to have these robots in a darkened gym with their flashing lights. In Science, the students were rather shocked to learn about the effects that humans have on waterways. Using water and glitter as an experiment, the students learned how invasive human impact is on the animals that live in or near our waterways. Everyone was determined to avoid con- taminating our waters.

Students in Grade 3 state they are enjoying a new iPad ap called Mad Libs. This is using words in a very funny way. These students did a fabulous job hosting this month’s awards ceremony.

In Grade 4, our students are very proud of their “Little Thumbs Garden” as their cucumber plant is flowering. They will soon have a cucumber to taste! This is extra exciting when it is -27C outside!

Our Grade 5 students continue to enjoy their Science experiments. Their latest was to mix Red Bull with milk. This experiment was to discover the chemical reactions when different household liquids are mixed. When Red Bull and milk are mixed a very dramatic result is observed. The Red Bull instantly curdles the milk and strips it of its nutrients. The two liquids separate instantly. This was extremely interesting to the students.

And in Grade 6, students are learning about the provincial government. In Science, they are learning how to pick up fingerprints. Maybe they will track down criminals in their futures! They are studying angles in Math and making Angry Bird angles in Art.

Grade 6 students all enjoyed the stories told by Joyce Hunt. They were very interesting and also helped them learn more Cree words.

That’s it for my reports. Thank you for reading them.

Joyce Hunt is a fabulous storyteller! Can you tell that one of her stories was about birds? Cuddled with Hunt is Diegen Willier, left, and granddaughter, Alexsa Sawka-Jerez.
Grade 4 student, Tyler Norland, is quite pleased with the purple Minion he won for showing excellent leadership skills through January.


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