Joussard School – Grade 1s share nutrition lesson with staff

Lorne Prince-Ladouceur, left, and Sean Cagro combine their efforts to report the news this week from Joussard School.

Sean Cagro
Lorne Prince-Ladouceur
Joussard Reporters

Hello, this is Lorne Prince-Ladouceur and Sean Cagro bringing you the news from Joussard School. Walking around the school and interviewing students from each classroom, we discovered the following information.

Kindergarten children have been busy learning how to swim. This is such an important skill to have and they thank all of the patient lifeguards at the High Prairie pool for helping them learn.

The kindergarten kids have also had some picnics, visited playgrounds and parks, and the Pleasantview Lodge as part of their outings in High Prairie after their swimming lessons. Lots of fun!

Our Grade 1 students have been learning all about healthy foods. For a wonderful, nutritious and healthy snack, the children made smoothies. They combined all kinds of berries and milk together and came up with a delicious snack. They were very proud of their results and offered samples to the office ladies, who were very grateful for this generous and tasty gesture!

In Grade 2, our students report they have been busy working and having fun on the Mathletics and Math Prodigy computer programs. They are also making boats and checking to see if they are buoyant in Science. This is also lots of fun.

Students in Grade 3 showed what great citizens they were as they helped to clean up the community of Joussard. This was a big job, but they were happy to help. The treat at the end of the job was pretty nice, too!

Our students in Grade 4 listened intently as Senior Const. Dennis Kerr delivered a presentation on cyber safety. This is so important as everyone uses the Internet now and there are lots of dangers unless we know what to watch for.

In Grade 5, our students did a fabulous job hosting our month-end awards ceremony. Each month a class is in charge of our assembly. In this way, students get practice being presenters and also members of a quiet, respectful audience.

Our Grade 6 class had a fabulous time during their land-based learning experience organized by Peavine Bishop Routhier School. They practiced archery, shelter building, canoeing, beading and writing their names in Cree syllabics. This was a wonderful experience – not just because of the activities but also because the students got to meet other kids who will also be in Grade 7 next year – a start to new friendships.

Tomorrow, our Grade 6 students have to be up bright and early as they will be leaving the school at 6:50 a.m. in order to travel to Edmonton for a full day of activities.

That’s it for this week! Please check in with Joussard’s news next week.

Grade 6 teacher, Spencer Smith pushes off two of his students in a canoe during their recent land-based learning activity at Calahasen Lake. Students practiced archery, shelter building, canoeing, beading and writing their names in Cree syllabics.


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