Joussard School – Future Olympians born at Joussard Sports Day

Tatiana Willier-Cardinal reports the news this week from Joussard School. She is the last news reporter for this school year.
Tatiana Willier-Cardinal
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Tatiana Willier-Cardinal. I am the school reporter for June.

This month is flying by. Pretty soon we will be having lots of holidays. That’s a great thing to look forward to, but we’re also having lots of fun during these last few weeks.

In kindergarten, I discovered the students have been learning all about bees. They researched a project that they could do to help bees. So they made ‘bee hotels’. With a mug and rolled up recycled paper, you can make a hotel for bees. These help keep them protected so that they can keep spreading pollen and helping our food grow.

Our Grade 1 students reported they had lots of fun at our Sports Day yesterday. The kids also said they had a great time learning about Sphero robots lately. In Art, the students reported they are spray painting butterflies.

Grade 2 students created igloos with plastic glasses and a whole lot of little marshmallows. Of course, they do have to have a supply of marshmallows for snacking as well! This activity is part of their study of the historical homes of Inuit people.

When talking to our Grade 3 students, I learned they are doing all sorts of things. In P.E., they are playing British Bulldog. In L.A., they are reading and writing about reptiles and amphibians. These students love Math and told me they wish they could do Math all day long!

In Grade 4, the students informed me they are finishing their volleyball unit in P.E. They are writing a narrative story in L.A. and making play pictures in Art. They told me that they love Art!

Grade 5 students reported they are getting ready to learn how to play lacrosse in P.E. In L.A., they are learning about the different parts of speech. In Social Studies, they are researching the heritage of important people in Canadian history and writing scripts so they can act out the person they have been researching.

Our Grade 6 students have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks and will be until the end of June. They have had field trips, achievement tests, school transition visits, land-based learning, Sports Days and Jump Rope for Heart. In-between all of these activities, they continue to study for the Provincial Achievement Tests. With mixed feelings, they are looking forward to their Grade 6 grad and moving away from this school.

We all had a great time at our Sports Day on June 6. Everyone showed lots of physical skill and great sportsmanship!

That’s it for my first report, thanks for reading it. Please check in with me next week.


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