Feeling like Christmas at Joussard School

Danielle Fortier reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Danielle Fortier
Joussard Reporter

Hello, this is Danielle Fortier, filling in for Wapastim Isadore- Bellerose as reporter for this week.

We have a very quiet school today as all of the ice outside put a stop to the buses and many of our parent drivers. Hopefully, the world outside will be much safer tomorrow and our kids will be back. I did find out some news, however.

The kindergarten children have been busy learning all about the letter ‘O’ and having fun finding it in books. In Math, the kids are doing a great job sorting. Most fun, the students are polishing off their Reindeer Pokey dance for the Christmas concert on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. They hope to see you there!

In Grade 1, our students have been busy decorating their Christmas tree and writing letters to Santa. They are making sure that their letters are polite and friendly. The students reported that they also have been researching and writing facts about Santa Claus.

Our Grade 2 students have also been busy practicing for our Christmas concert. They were happy to announce they put a great deal of creativity into a snowman name art project. These turned out so well!

Students in Grade 3 have joined their hands as a class and made a beautiful, traditional hand Christmas tree on their classroom door. These students are also looking forward to Christmas and have been getting ready for the concert.

In our Grade 4 class, the students have been making Santa hats for their performance in our Christmas concert. This project involved a lot of measuring, cutting and sewing but was lots of fun.

Our Grade 5 students have a beautiful snowy ceiling in their classroom, reflecting the work and creativity they put into their paper snowflakes. These students also had a great time using the Kahoot program to strengthen their L.A. skills. It is interesting that learning can be fun in so many ways.

In Grade 6, our students have been working on writing newspaper articles. They are getting pretty good at this. The students also performed an interesting experiment in Science, where they investigated whether air has weight. With weigh scales constructed from balloons and straws, they determined that air indeed has weight. How about that!

And, in our Cree Culture class, our students in Grades 4–6 are finishing off their research projects on Code Talkers and the young children have been learning about Metis dancing and have been practicing the Red River jig. Lots of fun!

Thanks for reading my report.

Beautiful Bellerose, left, and Marley Cunningham are so pleased with the letters that they are sending to Santa. Wonder what they asked for?
Jayke Okimaw, adds some final adjustments to the Christmas tree that reflects all of the Grade 3 students’ hands.


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