Family Literacy Night at HPE Oct. 26

Ilona Drefs
HPE Reporter

Hi! This is Ilona Drefs from Grade 5C with the HPE news report.
There is an HPE casino and volunteers are required Monday, Oct. 31 and Tuesday, Nov. 1. We know it’s Halloween, we don’t get to pick the date, sorry! Volunteers can contact Verna Isaac at [780] 536-6841 or [780] 780-523-3801.
Club Moo is in need of parent volunteers. Please contact parent organizer Laura Kemp at [780] 523-8074.
Grades 4W and 4D have been making music in Fine Arts class! They are excited to learn how to play the coolest instrument of all time – the mighty ukulele!
Grade 4W had their first “Swim at School” this week and had so much fun learning more about swimming! They are also learning about waste and our world and are observing their red wriggler worms in Science class and learning how worms decompose food!
Grade 2L is working hard to learn challenging spelling words.
Grade 1S has been having lots of fun creating our Word Wall for Language Arts.
Grade 5C is continuing their secret meeting getting ready for Halloween. They are having lots of fun organizing, gathering and creating. The 5C students can hardly wait for the October assembly!
In Math, students from Grade 5C have been working on multiples and factors. They are now using this knowledge to improve their skills with array building to help them understand multiplication and number sense better. Teacher Brenda Coulombe’s students are becoming great Math thinkers!
The kindergarten to Grade 3 classes will be hosting a Family Literacy Night on Oct. 26 from 6-7 p.m. They will have a variety of activities to engage students in reading and to have fun with literacy. From making words in pudding or snow, playing boggle, doing word and letter hunts, learning reading strategies for all ages and entering your name for door prizes, we guarantee a fun-filled hour!
Taking time every day to read or do a learning activity with children is crucial to a child’s development. Even just 15 minutes a day can improve a child’s literacy skills dramatically!
Please help keep your child’s library book safe and dry by providing a clean plastic bag to put your child’s library book in. Thank you!
Hot lunch orders went out in the last Family Gram. Please have your child’s order in by Oct. 19.We would like to thank Karen Janzen for taking on the task of running the Hot Lunch program this year.
Remember that next Wednesday is wear your camo or plaid day.
Students who have not had breakfast are welcome to come to Room 128A between 8:20-8:45 a.m. for something to eat. This program is funded through a grant from the Breakfast for Learning Foundation and school fundraising efforts. Community volunteers are needed to help with this program by serving food and supervising students. Please contact the school if you can help out during the 8:20-8:45 a.m. time period. Thank you.
That’s it for this week’s news. Look for our report next week to see what is happening at HPE!

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