Graduating class of E.W. Pratt celebrates 2018 commencement

Abdullah Sharkawi, left, receives the Lynn Edwards Sports Awards from E.W. Pratt High School sports coach Pat Larade.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Reaching a major educational milestone, 64 graduating students at E.W. Pratt High School in High Prairie were in the spotlight during commencement ceremonies May 12.

Every End is a New Beginning was the theme for the class.

“Today marks a special day in the lives of our senior class as they celebrate the approaching end of their Grade 12 year and anticipate the journey ahead,” said principal Neil Barry, his first year at the school.

Class valedictorian Zale Zabolotniuk expressed an optimistic outlook about his classmates.

“Always try your hardest, there’s no challenge you can’t overcome and live the best life you can,” he advised.

Several students were honoured with special awards.

Megan Glanville received the Premier’s Citizenship Award.

Zale Zabolotniuk won the Annah and Edward [E.W.] Pratt Award, sponsored by St. Mark’s Anglican Church, for a student involved in the community, with special talents and contributes to school activities.

Zobolotniuk was also presented the Merit Contractors Construction Award.

Katrina Reade received the Student Spartan Award, presented to a student who shows excellent citizenship and school spirit, and is positive and encouraging.

Kimberly Sondrup received the Unsung Hero Award, presented to a student who works diligently on studies.

Abdullah Sharkawi received the Lynn Edwards Sports Award.

Elly Milsap earned the Montana Blackwell Horizon Award.

Logan Jong received the Johnny Linteris Memorial Award for football.

Students were congratulated and encouraged in messages from two speakers.

“They have already accomplished a great deal and many of them are making plans to move on with education and careers for the coming year,” Barry said.

“The young men and women are poised to fully enter the adult world and find their own path towards their goals and dreams.

“They are the future of our families and our community.”

Graduands were also congratulated from the High Prairie School Division by board chair Tammy Henkel.

“You hold your destiny in your hands,” Henkel said.

“You’re on the cusp of adulthood, moving on to bigger and better things.”

She reminded students that when they face challenges, help is close by.

“Your friends and family are your greatest support. When things get tough, please remember that each morning is a fresh start to a new day and you can always reach out for support.”

No other speeches were given.

As each students was honoured, they were congratulated by a handshake by stage dignitaries that included Town of High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuik, Big Lakes County Reeve Ken Matthews, Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee, HPSD Deputy Supt. Margaret Hartman, Sucker Creek Chief Jim Badger, Metis Settlements General Council president Gerald Cunningham of East Prairie, and secretary Dorothy Anderson, formerly of Gift Lake and Grouard Elder Jeffery Chalifoux.


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