Engineer puts price at $1.267M

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Now they know!

It will cost about $1.267 million to provide water and sewer services into land owned by the town in the northwest end.

MPE Engineering Ltd. estimated the cost in a report to council at its Sept. 12 meeting.

Council decided at its March 28 meeting to investigate the cost or putting the services into the site. For now, council received the report for information.

CEO Brian Martinson said the problem arising for council is they do not own any portion of the property. It prompted Linda Cox to suggest the owner[s] may want to cost-share the project.

Usually, the developer pays,” said Martinson.

It does not mean a policy is written in stone. Public works Supt. Vern Walker reminded council they did partner with Peavine Metis Settlement on another project in 2004.

Martinson sympathized with owners in the area, saying perhaps they should be taxed a lower mill rate because they are not getting the same services.

We need to really look at this,” he said.

Councillor Arlen Quartly, who lives in the area, said he pays $4,500 in taxes each year.

Mayor Linda Cox noted some residents in Edmonton are in the same situation and “they complain bitterly.”

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