Editorial – “Who you gonna call?”

Jeff Burgar

As they say in the song from Ghostbusters, “If there’s something strange – in your neighbourhood.” Well, indeed, there is something strange.

In just the past week, Canadians and Americans were treated to alarming news reports. President Donald Trump was bragging about his “big nuclear button” and how this button actually works, compared to the North Korean button. Shocking and terrifying, reported media outlets around the world!

Plus, Trump was encouraging people in Iran to keep on protesting against their government. Horrible and terrifying, reported various news outlets.

The week before that, the news was how moving the American embassy to Jerusalem would destabilize the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

So last week, Trump replied, “Well, if they won’t come to the peace table, maybe we should stop sending them aid money.”

Howls of outrage were heard around the world!

And the latest of course, is the “chaos” in the American White House over a new book about Trump, already on Amazon’s best selling list.

It seems, one can go right back to Trump’s inauguration in January of last year, that howls of outrage, flabberghastery, and mouth foaming, are the new normal.

So we have calls for Trump’s impeachment, news shows about terrifying tweets from Trump over North Korea, and reporters constantly claiming the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 American election will come to a head in the next few days.

On slow news days, Melania Trump’s high heels, press secretary Sarah Sanders pies, jokes about Anthony Scarmucci [the Mooch], rants from Maxine Waters screaming “Impeach 45!” and the latest tomfoolery over how many illegal immigrants should be allowed into America to flip hamburgers and pick oranges, fill the gaps. All in all, the Trump administration is going to collapse. All of them will be off to jail. Just you wait!

Even our Canadian newspaper, the National Post, had to weigh in with a report that Trump was just a few days away from tweeting 2,000 mistaken lies since his term started.

The world, according to most media, is doomed. Maybe not tomorrow! Definitely, in a week or two!

Absolutely, in a month. There is absolutely no doubt, we are all going to hell in a handbasket in two months, for sure. Oh, my! Mabel, get the bomb shelter ready! It’s time to move in!

Strangely though, with the world coming to an end every day and every week according to all our media, churches aren’t filling up. Grocery stores have not been looted of their canned goods. People are still working and not cancelling holidays. And by golly, they are still buying stocks! In fact, markets around the world are at all time highs! If the news is really all that bad, what is going on?

Ghostbusters is a fine show with a catchy tune. What the news really needs these days is a good dose from another set of heroes and heroines – the Mythbusters gang!

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