Editorial – Where’s the beef?

Jeff Burgar

Motherhood and apple pie!” – “Let’s all work together!” – “We are moving forward!” – “This is a good town!” – “We are making great progress!”

And, oh, so much more!

All of course, said at the High Prairie municipal election forum Oct. 3.

Frankly, since things were said by one and all to be so tickety-boo, it’s fair to ask, “Why are we even having an election?”

Maybe things are not so tickety-boo? If so, then it’s fair to ask, why is one town councillor, Brian Panasiuk, giving up his council seat to take a shot at being mayor?

The small crowd at the forum didn’t ask that question. Candidate Panasiuk didn’t tell anybody. His campaign literature says “change” but change to what? And why?

Meanwhile, every councillor, and this includes Mayor Linda Cox, is running again. Those folks didn’t tell us their reasons but actually, do they really have to? They all seem quite happy with the way things are, and the progress they all have made for the good citizens of High Prairie.

Over the years, when any member of any government puts their name in for office again, they usually think they are doing a pretty good job. Plus, some like the travel. Plus, some like the generous and not-so generous paycheques.

Some want to carry on projects they started. And so it goes. And, once in awhile, like what happened in the last election in High Prairie four years ago, citizens were so tired of their old government, enough new faces ran, and won, the entire old council was turfed!

So, many in the community appear quite happy with our current council and mayor. Could somebody do better? We can confidently say, after watching and reporting on many governments in the region for almost 50 years, new faces are not very likely to do better. But for sure, it’s darn easy to elect a government which will do a lot worse.

Now, due to time limits at the forum, there were questions ready, but not asked. You may find most of these questions at our website at southpeace news.com. You can find special discussion, in which you can become involved and possibly answers from candidates, by following links to highprairie.albertachat.com.

Here are three example questions:

It was a complete surprise to voters when some councillors after the last election, brought in the ‘rotate the chair’ motion. So, do any candidates have any surprises or pet ideas they will try to spring on the public they aren’t telling us about, but will try to push through if elected?”

What are the chances of you trying to go back to the old recreation board?”

In a decade of court battle with a private entity over ownership of the water storage, High Prairie has been left with no tennis courts, lawyer fees in tens of thousands of dollars, and the potential loss of a multi-million dollar infrastructure. Will anyone speak to this?”

Come online, see us there and maybe ask some of your own questions.

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