Editorial – Time to bring back the old days

Jessica Gordon
The behaviour of kids playing outside is very poor and that’s why I think we should bring it back.

Too many kids are on their phones inside and not actually seeing the outside world. Before technology, children were only allowed to go outside when their chores were done. In town, you had a limit to playing; when the streetlights went on, it was time to go home. In the country, the kids played from dawn until dusk.

The children used to love to play all day, but now kids make a choice to go on their phones. I feel that one day kids will go outside and see what the world is like and find something that they really enjoy about the outside. Then they would have something to tell their kids when they are all grown up.

I feel that peoples’ lives are moving at a faster pace with technology and are choosing not to play outside. A lot of parents would then realize what’s going on and would like to do more stuff with them such as traveling.

Kids need more physical activity. Yes, kids have imagination, but it is not as strong as back then when students had to use their imagination. Kids need to have a lot of fun, that is why I think we should get a jump yard. A jump yard is a place where people can jump on a bunch of trampolines.

We should have a time limit on our phones and then we go play outside or spend quality time with parents.

There should be more festivals as that would get kids outside and having a fun time.

Instead of an hour or so we should have half a day of being outside and then kids would get used to being outside. This is also another good reason to go outside because the kids would get more fit and could possibly get faster at running or understanding games better.

The main reason to go outside is to have fun!

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