EDITORIAL – Kim, Kenney and Kanye

by Jeff Burgar

Seriously, which excites you more?

An offer of $25 million for a Kanye West – Kim Kardashian sex tape, or Jason Kenney saying he wants to be Alberta’s premier?

Please, be honest!

You may very well ask, and be forgiven for asking, Jason Kenney who? But Kim and Kanye? No brainer knowing them!

Most people have no interest in politics, especially when it isn’t on the big news radar, such as during an election. No surprise there. Actually, the same interest as major sports. If it isn’t the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup or World Series, it’s only diehard fans paying attention day and night.

Which brings us back to Kenney. Our apologies for forcing politics upon you.

Kenney, like a few dyed-in-the-wool political animals, is convinced Alberta’s New Democrats are a doomed, one-term party. Yes, Kenney and his animal friends keep saying that, over and over again. Not much else they can say, really.

Meanwhile, most Albertans are taking the wait-and-see approach. Until Rachel Notley’s government actually does something to blow itself up, why get excited about changing again?

Worse, all Kenney represents to most Albertans is a giant step backwards. Back to the Alison Redford – Jim Prentice Conservatives. He can try saying he is different. Many of the old cronies, the ones who made good money sitting on boards and getting favours, might also say Kenney is a great change.

But seriously, why would people not wanting the pork parade back take a chance? Politicians lie. Politicians scheme. Politicians make their living from feeding at the pork trough. What makes Kenney different?

After 41 years in Alberta, many of them great years for this wonderful province, Conservatives are out of gas, ideas, credibility and honesty. $900,000 annual pay for the chair of the Worker’s Compensation Board? Are you nuts?

Premier Alison Redford’s sky palace and airplane flights? Are you nuts?

Heck, a whole Alberta political party, Wild Rose, says the Conservatives are done. Heck, a whole province, Alberta, voted NDP and kicked the Conservatives out the door!

Both the old Alberta Conservatives, and Alberta Wild Rose party members, keep crossing their fingers the NDP government will flub. Until that happens, all they can do is keep their names in front of the public. Flapping jaws. Running down the NDP. Telling everybody not “if” the NDP are gone, but “when”.

And yes, trotting out faces promising change.

Meanwhile, all the NDP has to do is run a good ship. All they have do is run good government. Something New Democrats find harder to do than most political parties.

In truth, all political parties, national and provincial, seem to have much trouble at times doing just that. Kenney himself is walking, talking proof!

So let us yawn. Yes, we are much more curious about what Kim and Kanye might be up to.

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