Editorial – Crazy, crazy America

Jeff Burgar
For months now, Canadians have followed American news. There isn’t much choice, because Canadian media keep chiming in with their stories lifted from mainstream media in the States. We get a steady diet of Donald Trump. Love him or hate him doses of “news” and mountains of opinion.

Observation shows that after a time, the bad opinions shown us are all very predictable. CNN, MSNBC, the big three networks, and our own Canadian CBC and CTV [not so much Global] all take feeds and clips from American networks. It is very predictable. It is also almost laughable watching people twisting themselves into knots copying their media neighbour, their Hollywood neighbour, all trying to poke holes in Trump.

American health care [Obamacare] is going broke. This is a fact. So let’s block Trump’s plan to reform it.

There are huge numbers of illegal immigrants committing crime. This is a fact. So let’s not screen newcomers to America. Better yet, let’s just open the border doors as wide as we can. Don’t screen anybody.

Freedom of speech? We must demonstrate, agitate and even riot against those who do not share our views and want to talk about their own ideas at American colleges and universities.

The absurdities boil down to one thing – if it looks like anything like a Trump idea, or may support in some way conservative thoughts, it must be bad.

A part of the news was Barack Obama’s party, the Democrats, who cried, shouted and demanded for months that FBI director James Comey be fired.
He meddled in the election. In fact, say Democrats, he might have lost the election for Hillary Clinton. Comey was not fit to hold office. He absolutely had to go. Democrats pushed at every opportunity. Fire Comey! Last week, Trump fired Comey.

Amazingly, despite calling for months for exactly this, the Democrat crowd is absolutely now against the firing. A stunning display of this reversal happened on the daytime CBC show The View when hostess Joy Behar announced Comey was fired. Exactly what she and so many of her talk show, Hollywood group think, liberal media had been demanding for months. And with that announcement, as they say, The View live audience went wild!

There were hoots, hollers, screams of delight, thunderous applause, whistles and cheers. This was exactly what Behar had demanded! Her prayers were answered. The audience was joyfully and wondrously happy.

But wait! Behar was not happy. She finally explained her shock and sadness. How dare that horrible man Trump fire an upstanding, hardworking, dedicated public servant like Comey!

And of course, the audience sat quiet, stunned? Well, of course, we must not agree with anything Trump does.

Comey said himself about the Clinton investigations, “It actually makes me nauseous.”

The mostly unchallenged absurd political gamesmanship at work in America is the real vomit inducing activity.

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