Editorial – 2018 will rock us!

Jeff Burgar

Hello to our friends and readers, who may not all be one and the same!

We say that because, over the past year of 2017, we have seen a remarkable polarization of media. Perhaps not so much in Canada, but it is especially true in the United States. There, the forces of the political left and political right, aided by an ever-more complicit media, have created an immense gap between left and right.

It seems to be now at the point, starting with the two main parties of Republican and Democrat [Conservative and Liberal parties respectively, if they were Canadian] one cannot say one word of kindness about the other.

At the root of this is the election of American President Donald Trump in the ending months of 2016. This shocked many. Media and their polls had predicted a Hillary Clinton probable win as high as 98 per cent. It is now obvious American east and west coast elites completely ignored the thoughts, needs, hopes and prayers of rural and inner America. Such groupthink continues to this day.

We do have parallels in Canada, but not as extreme as America. Alberta is unfriendly ground to the Liberal party of Canada, to the point it is hard to have a reasonable discussion about Liberal politics. Many French Quebecers have a distinct view of what we are like in Western Canada.

So, these days it is hard in Canada to have a reasonable discussion about Trump. Most of this is that most Canadians get, and accept without question, their news from national media like CBC and CTV. These mostly source their American news from the left-leaning anti-Trump media in America. As well, so many American news and entertainment shows seen in Canada, daytime and evening, spew constantly much the same anti-Trump venom. One has to say, brainwashing is alive and well in this 21st century.

In Alberta, we are an exporting province. Our three biggest exports revolve around energy, forestry and agriculture. Our biggest customer is right to our nation’s south. In the case of energy, mostly what America buys is raw product. This despite all the years and decades of talk of adding value to our raw products, of finding new markets, and finding new ways to get our resources to those new markets. Trump is not your usual foot-dragging, dawdling politician. He makes things happen and shakes things up.

With that, we have high hopes 2018 is going to be a decent year in our High Prairie region and in Northern Alberta. Expanded growth in America is rekindling demand in Canadian products, as witnessed by Tolko starting and West Fraser expanding. This will continue, as Trump’s economic policies spill into Canada.

The new, Alberta United Conservative Party will be pushing hard to unseat the New Democrats. In 2018, the ND will be working overtime, hoping to prove they can bring prosperity and good government to Alberta. Outside of Edmonton, their task is daunting.

All in all, across Canada, across America, across the entire world and right here at home, it is already shaping up to be a very, very interesting year. Welcome to 2018!

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