Potential criminal flees store but leaves his ID

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A Grouard man who tried to cash a forged cheque at an Edmonton pawn shop has paid the price for his actions.

Darin Lloyd Auger, 47, was fined $500, plus a victim fine surcharge of $150, after pleading guilty in High Prairie provincial court Feb. 26 to uttering a forged document.

Court heard that Auger attempted to cash a forged cheque valued at $1,975.33 at a pawn shop in Edmonton on July 22, Crown prosecutor Petter Hurich told court.

However, when the employee discovered the cheque was bogus, Auger fled the store.

The problem was, Auger left behind his personal identification.

Lawyer Harry Jong spoke for Auger in court. He said his client and a friend found the chequebook in a dumpster and decided to find out if they would be able to fill it out and cash it.

“When he heard them talking that it wasn’t a valid cheque, he left,” Jong said.


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