Cox realizes a dream

Makayla Cox won several sashes at the Miss Canada Globe Pageant in Toronto Aug. 14-28. She says she enjoyed the experience.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

As a young girl, Makayla Cox always dreamt of being a princess.

Her dream became a reality in August when she won the title of Miss Teen Alberta Globe 2017 at the Miss Canada Globe Pageant in Toronto Aug. 14-28.

That’s the highest title for [Alberta],” says Cox, a petite 5’2” tall, 120-pound beauty from High Prairie.

Nationally, Cox also placed third overall of about 20 competitors and was awarded the title of Miss Teen Canada Petite 2017 Second Princess.

I made several VIP appearances and it was really fun,” says Cox.

Cox began modeling for Numa Models in Edmonton in April 2017. She immediately loved the work. As the national pageant neared, a Facebook friend of Cox’s from Saskatchewan recruited her for the contest.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess,” says Cox.

So off she went to Toronto to compete, accompanied by her mother.

The days were long, starting at 7 a.m. and going until 3 a.m.

The first three days are like boot camp,” says Cox.

Training includes proper walking, confidence training, how to properly apply makeup, learning to dance, and onstage presence. Many girls dropped out but many stayed.

I enjoyed meeting new people and making memories,” she says.

I got to live like a princess for two weeks. As a little girl, I played being a princess. I realized a dream.”

But it wasn’t all roses.

There was lots of drama between the competitors. Some of the girls were so rude. There were a lot of arguments.”

As a winner, Cox is eligible to compete in Miss Teen Petite International in April, location to be determined.

Cox says the world of modeling does not have to include sleek and slender beauties; in fact, agencies are always looking for women of all shapes and sizes.

Cox adds it is not good looks that make a person attractive.

Confidence makes you pretty,” she says.

You have to be confident in your own body,” she adds.

She does offer advice for some aspiring models.

It’s a lot of hard work,” says Cox. “You will want to go home but it’s worth it.”

It is all part of Cox’s goal to continue modeling.

It might get me [bookings] with a bigger agency,” she says.

Cox is currently taking Grade 12 studied at E.W. Pratt High School and will graduate in June 2018.

She is the daughter of Rhonda and Darren Cox of High Prairie.


Above are some of the crowns won by Makayla Cox at the Miss Canada Globe Pageant in Toronto Aug. 14-28.
Makyla Cox. . .Miss Teen Alberta Globe 2017.

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