Court Docket – Man with knives attacks man in home

H.P. court docket
Oct. 23, 2017
Judge D.R. Shynkar

A man who wielded two knives at a Driftpile residence will be spending more time behind bars.

Russell Manybears, 30, of Wabasca, was sentenced to 45 days in jail after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon after appearing in High Prairie provincial court Oct. 23.

Manybears was credited for 11 days already served in Peace River Correctional Centre. He will serve the balance of the sentence on weekends.

Court heard the charge arose after Manybears stabbed a man at a Driftpile residence on Sept. 18 around 12:30 a.m., Crown prosecutor Haydn Shook told court.

Manybears was intoxicated and uninvited when he initially arrived, then left after he was told by the resident. After returning later, he carried a steak knife and a kitchen knife.

Manybears used one of the knives to attack the same man who opened the door. He was cut on the neck and the chest, although no medical treatment was required, said Shook.

He was superficially cut,” Judge D.R. Shynkar said.

Circumstances were serious and it could have ended much worse.”

The judge was pleased, however, with an early guilty plea.

Mr. Manybears takes responsibility for his actions,” he noted.

You can’t barge into a house with two knives,” he added.

He reminded Manybears that everyone is responsible for their actions and behaviour, even when they’re intoxicated.

Duty counsel Harry Jong said Manybears could not remember details of the incident because of his condition.

He says he was drunk, blacked out and stupid,” said Jong.

After his release from prison, Manybears will be on probation for 18 months. Part of the order includes that he take treatment for alcohol and anger management. He was also ordered to provide a DNA sample.

Jong told court Manybears plans to pursue treatment for his addictions.

Manybears, who plans to move to High Prairie, asked to serve time on weekends to secure employment in the kitchen at Peavine Inn and Suites.

* * * * * * * * *

William Francis Gladu, 32, of Wabasca, was sentenced to 75 days in prison after pleading guilty to assault, and 14 days concurrent for failing to comply with an undertaking.

He was credited for 11 days served in Peace River Correctional Centre.

The charges arose after Gladu got into an argument with his girlfriend on May 2. “She was punched numerous times” and at one point “she lost her breath”, said Crown prosecutor Hadyn Shook.

Intent to choke is not alleged,” noted Judge D.R. Shynkar.

On Feb. 19, Gladu was with the same female despite being on a court order to not have contact with her, said Shook.

This is a domestic assault, which makes it aggravating,” said Judge Shynkar.

Before the incident the victim phoned Gladu, then drove to Wabasca from Grouard before bringing him back to her residence, said counsel Harry Jong.

They were both consuming alcohol in the incident, he added.

Judge Shynkar advised Gladu to abide by court orders, despite circumstances.

If you’re on conditions to have no contact with another person, you can’t have any contact, even in the other person calls,” Judge Shynkar said.

He also advised Gladu to be more civil during disputes.

You can’t be punching and hitting. You have to talk about it and then, [if you have to], walk away.”

* * * * * * * * *

Brandon Lee La- boucan, 24, of Gift Lake, was fined $1,000, plus a $300 victim fine surcharge, after pleading guilty to care and control of a vehicle while over 80 mg.

Court heard that Laboucan was observed in a stopped vehicle in Gift Lake. Police investigated and Laboucan provided a breath sample of 110 mg.

I was parked,” Laboucan said.

Laboucan, who was also handed an automatic driving suspension of one year, was also fined $2,875 for driving a vehicle without insurance, including surcharge.

* * * * * * * * *

Jessica Marie Anderson, 25, of Grouard, was fined $1,000, plus a victim fine surcharge of $300, after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content exceeding 80 mg.

Court heard that Anderson was observed sitting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle by police, said Crown prosecutor Hadyn Shook.

Breath samples recorded levels of 120 mg.

She didn’t thing she was over the legal limit,” said Cheryl Kachuk, criminal counselor for Native Counselling Services of Alberta.

Anderson was also automatically suspended from driving for one year.

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