County sound system will have to wait

Richard Froese
South Peace News

County council plans to raise the volume at its public meetings.

But not until 2018.

Big Lakes County council approved a recommendation by administration at its Oct. 25 meeting to reallocate up to $20,000 to purchase iPads for council in 2017.

Funds were initially earmarked for renovations in the council chambers, including audio, that will now be considered for 2018.

Given the short period of time remaining in the 2017 fiscal year, the local use of the funding is to replace computer equipment and refocus on audio equipment for 2018,” says Heather Nanninga, county director fo corporate services.

Recently, discussions indicated that many of the iPads or other computer equipment provided to councillors have become outdated and non-functional, she notes.

The Town of High Prairie installed a sound system in the council chambers about two years ago.

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